Bermuda Triangle mystery solved?

Bermuda Triangle, other than mystery unveiled

The mystery of Bermuda Triangle has fascinated us for decades and not without reason, since during the last two centuries hundreds, if not thousands, of people would have died or disappeared.

Bermuda Triangle

The “most dangerous area in the world” is identified as the stretch of sea between the Bermuda island (North), the Florida peninsula (West) and Puerto Rico eastern tip (South), for a total of 1,100,000 square kilometers. According to some popular theories from at least the nineteenth century hundreds of ships and planes would have disappeared without leaving any trace.

Rogue waves explain ships disappearance?

Alien abductions, dimensional portals, milestones experiments, extreme climatic conditions: the list of possible explanations is long and varied, one of the most interesting having long been that of the Ivan Sanderson's vile vortices of which we have already referred to you on Now the scientists of the University of Southampton would have found another possible explanation: the possibility that rogue waves cause disappearances.

Bermuda triangle ship

In Channel 5's documentary “The Bermuda Triangle Enigma”, British experts used an indoor simulator to recreate rogue waves, water monsters that last a few minutes and were observed for the first time from a satellite off the coast of South Africa.

Similar fate for USS Cyclops and El Faro

The team of scientists used a scale model of the USS Cyclops, which disappeared in the Bermuda triangle in 1918 causing the loss of 300 lives: well, in front of anomalous waves that in reality could be up to 30 meters high, because of its size and its flat bottom, it did not take long before the model was totally submerged by water during the simulation.

A similar situation could have happened at the El Faro merchant ship, which in 2015 disappeared into the triangle with 33 people on board. All solved, then? Not exactly, because even impressive rogue waves nothing could against aircraft like the five torpedoes Grumman TBF Avenger of the Flight 19 that disappeared in 1945 (together the Martin PBM Mariner, exploded in flight while it was looking for the missing planes).

Air bombs have shot down planes?

But here comes another theory, advanced a couple of years ago in an episode of the television series “What on earth”, on Discovery Science, that of “air bombs” (or “microburst”). These are cloudy formations with strange hexagonal holes inside them that just as the anomalous waves present would form more frequently in the area of the triangle because of the different currents present.

Bermuda triangle flight 19

Discovered through the use of satellites, microbursts cause violent descending currents, similar to tornadoes (but they generate updrafts), sufficient to break down modern airliners, as happened in 1989 with the Ilyushin Il-62M of the Flight 9646 of Cubana de Aviacion which crashed near the airport of Havana, with the death of all 126 people on board.

Lloyds do not fear the triangle

In short, the Bermuda Triangle would certainly be one of the most unfortunate areas on earth, certainly subject to constant extreme weather phenomena. Yet not everyone is convinced: the Lloyds of London, the most famous insurance company in the world, do not charge the insurance coverage of the loads that pass through that area, among the busiest commercial routes in the world, whose disappearance rates are considered insignificant compared to area traffic.

So in the end, the suspicion is that or the aliens that some believe to be at work in the Bermuda triangle are really good at not making anyone aware of their presence, or the sinister fame of the place is more the result of the worldwide success of the book “The Bermuda Triangle” by Charles Berlitz (1974), more than significant statistics. The choice is yours whether you believe it or not.

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