alien contacts - Emilcin incident

Third kind encounter in Emilcin, the Polish Roswell

Following the fall of Soviet Union even from Poland emerged documents and witnesses of great interest for UFOs and aliens enthusiasts. Especially near the village of Emilcin contacts with aliens would have occurred.

The most famous case would have happened 40 years ago, another case in 2016, both officially documented and, as regards that of 1978, object of investigations that seemed to exclude the hypothesis of a hoax.

Jan Wolski alien abduction

The first case occurred in 1978: the farmer Jan Wolski, and Emilcin resident, was abducted by aliens and the incident became a sensation in the Polish provinces, so much so that a memorial monument was erected. Wolski declared that early in the morning, May 10, 1978, he left his house on a wagon.

Crossing a dense forest he was amazed by what he saw: two humanoids of very low height, with green skin and big black eyes. In the blink of an eye aliens climbed into the farmer's cart, then the horses made their way to a large clearing nearby, on which a white-colored spaceship hovered about 5 meters above ground level. From the “flying saucer” a platform came out, on which Wolksi was forced to climb.

jan wolski Emilcin

Third kind encounter in Emilcin

Inside the vehicle the aliens began to make strange manipulations on him: after having stripped him of all his clothes, the “little green men” began to explore the human body with instruments similar to small flying saucers. According to Wolski the UFO had no windows or portholes and the little light came in from what looked like a door. The aliens also offered Wolski food in the form of icicles, but the Polish peasant did not accept it.

After a few hours he was released near his home. At that point Wolksi, still shaken, gathered friends and relatives to tell them what had happened and all reached the place of the alleged landing of the UFO, but without finding anything other than pressed grass and tracks that came from that point in various directions. Subsequently after medical examinations Wolksi was declared mentally stable and with a low propensity to fear.

Emilcin monument

New witnesses emerge at Emilcin

A subsequent investigation conducted by ufologist Zbigniew Blania-Bolnar found another witness, the mother of Adas Popiolek, a six-year-old boy, who reported how the son told her the day of the accident to have seen a strange object fly over his house. Months later another witness, Henryk Marciniak, claimed to have seen the same UFO and being in touch with the same “little green men” as he went into the woods with his motorcycle looking for mushrooms.

In this case the aliens would have shown interest in both the motorcycle and the mushrooms, but they would then go back up to the UFO that flew away without making any noise. Both episodes still remain without an official explanation, but have remained etched in the memory of the inhabitants of Emilcin.

So in 2005 on the place of the alleged “third kind encounter” (in brackets: the homonymous film by Steven Spielberg was released in America in November 1977, in Italy in March 1978, but certainly it could not have been seen by the Emilcin residents) a monument has been erected.

sighting 2016 Emilcin

New UFO photographed in 2016

It consists of a metal cube on top of a rock on which a plaque with the inscription has been placed: “On 10 May 1978 a UFO landed in Emilcin, the truth will surprise us in the future”. Words sounded prophetic when, on November 5, 2016, always near Emilcin another UFO would have been sighted, always in a clearing in the thick of a wood.

There are some photos taken with a smartphone from a girl who at that moment was passing in the car with her boyfriend near the monument. Are just “hoaxes” well orchestrated by people in search of fame or Emilcin is really the Polish Roswell? To date, as mentioned, there is no official explanation in this regard.

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