Houska Castle, ghosts and demons are at home

We already told you how the Houska Castle, in Czech Republic, has earned in the centuries the sinister reputation to be a sort of concealment created to seal (under the castle chapel) a well that local legends wants bottomless, but the castle has many others disturbing secrets, that the time is coming to disclose.

the Houska's door of Hell
The Hell's door present in the basement of the Houska Castke

The castle, which rises a few kilometers north of Prague and that would be built first half of the thirteenth century on the order of the Bohemian king Ottokar II as an administrative center, is considered the most mysterious and mystical place in the whole Czech Republic because of the legends and superstitions that surround it. In addition to possible “Hell's door”, suddenly opened in the middle of the Middle Ages, with even the exit on the surface no less than of Satan and of a host of demons, at least according to local legends, the castle is known to be the home of a ghost.

Houska Castle's ghost

This ghost would appear at night, wearing a black monk dress, to annoy all year those who dare to spend the night in the manor. A number that should now be small, since except for exceptional events the castle can be visited from 10 to 17, or up to 18 only in July and August.

However, the monk is not the only ghost that has appeared over the centuries, according to tradition, within the walls of this particular Gothic castle: a giant bulldog, a ghost half frog and half man, a black dressed knight without head, a lady in nineteenth-century clothes that many times witnesses have reported facing one of the windows on the upper floor.

Houska Castle
Houska Castle

Impossible to take sharp pictures in Houska Castle

Another mystery, decidedly more modern and less romantic, is linked to the fact that the photos taken inside Houska Castle never get well, being invariably blurred regardless of the machine used.

Will it be a trick of the tourism body to increase sales of postcards? You just have to take a test, but be aware that there are cases of stunning among the visitors to the castle, fainting or in general of discomfort. Also in this case the doubt remains: power of suggestion or of the forces of evil?

To conclude our review of the main mysteries related to the Houska Castle, it should be noted as in the thirties of the last century the Nazis took possession of the castle and are said to have conducted experiments there. What was it??

Even the Nazis were interested in Houska

According to some it would have been experiments with occultism aimed at proving the existence of dimensional portals, that Adolf Hitler himself seemed to want to use. How it is, as it is not, many years after the Nazi occupation, during renovations of the castle, some have been found skeletons belonging to Nazi officers in the dungeons of the castle, which would seem to be the remains of condemned to death.

Houska Castle
Houska Castle

How is it possible? What secrets these officers should not reveal in any way or what order they refused to perform, preferring instead a death execution and the risk of further retaliation also towards their closest family members?

The official history has left us no certain documents about it, as they failed to give the shows Ghost Hunters International and Most Haunted Live dedicated to the manor, but for local stories and legends Satan's “signature”, still trying to reopen the Hell's door that Ottokar II took care of closing down 700 years ago, would be obvious.

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