antarctica alien base

Antarctica hides an alien base

Have you ever wondered why nations that had never scrupulous about destroying the environment to exploit its mineral or energy resources subscribed without any problem in 1959 the Antarctic Treaty?

With this treaty signatories (including France, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and the then USSR, in addition to Italy, which joined in 1981) officially renounced economic exploitation, use for war purposes and any military activity or which implies nuclear explosions or deposits of radioactive material in the Arctic?

Is the Antarctic Treaty just a screen?

For the sake of the environment? Seriously? It will not be because the signatory countries had and have something to hide from prying eyes? It will be a coincidence, but sometimes stories emerge, obviously hardly or impossible to verify punctually, about installations that in the Arctic simply should not exist.

Antarctica UFO base

Former US Navy non-commissioned officer speaks

On Medium, online publishing platform created in 2012 by the co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams, a short time ago, appeared the story of a former US Navy's first-class flight officer, “Brian”, who reported that he had flown several times for cargo and rescue shipments to Antarctica between 1983 and 1997. During those years, Brian would have seen several times “silver disks” whiz around the Transantarctic Mountains, but not only.

UFOs and underground research complex

In addition to the UFOs, Brian reported seeing during an emergency flight over a “no-fly zone”, the entry of what he considers to be an underground research complex run by humans and aliens, that therefore they would have started some form of collaboration some time ago, kept secret to the world public opinion.

Antarctica south pole station

The scientists disappeared

And again: once he and his crew picked up a dozen scientists who had been missing for two weeks from a camp near Marie Byrd Land. The scientists did not speak and their faces looked scared. In reality, Brian's story had once been told by the US investigative journalist and essayist Linda Moulton Howe, who also made a series of videos, published on Youtube, with the sound of his interview with the former non-commissioned officer, now retired.

The mysterious no-fly zone

Among the episodes reported by Brian also the curious ban on overflight an area five miles from the South Pole US base, officially due to the presence of an air sampling field in that area. “This made no sense to any of us from the crew because on two different occasions we had to fly over this area” remembered Brian.

In short, where no one should carry out military or exploitative activities, there seems to be much more traffic and “reserved” areas than one would expect. Only coincidences and fictional stories or is there something true? For now, the question remains without an official answer, despite everything.

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