Hills abduction: what's behind Zeta Reticuli case

Barney e Betty Hills
Barney and Betty Hill

Perhaps they will not be millions as some say, but the cases of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens are now numerous all over the world and rising even in Italy as even has already reported.

Barney and Betty Hill incident

Many cases have been classified as simple hallucinations, when not even overt scams. Some however remained unresolved even decades later, like that of US spouses Barney and Betty Hill, who in 1961 claimed to have been abducted by alien entities in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in the night betweenDecember 19th and 20th. It is indeed what may be considered the first famous case of “alien abduction” of modern era.

Mixed couple, rare for the time (Barney was African American, Betty white), the Hills were also activists of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and were therefore rather in sight.

According to their testimony, rendered during sessions of regressive hypnosis recorded on tape and still publicly available, December 19th, around 10pm, the couple was coming home, being near the White Mountains, when they noticed a bright object in the sky that they thought was a plane in distress or a satellite.

Barney and Betty Hills
Reconstruction encounter with UFO

Memories re-emerge thanks to regressive hypnosis

Returning home they discovered that it had been several hours, without them being aware of it. Thanks to the regressive hypnosis the two, who in the meantime had started to experience migraines, burns and nightmares, managed to reconstruct what would happen in the time frame of which they had no memory (the so-called "missing time").

Barney would in fact at first come down from the car and approached the strange light that in the meantime had landed to the ground, only to realize that it was a vehicle of extraterrestrial origin from a porthole of which he seemed to see humanoid figures. At that point he would return to the car explaining to his wife that he had the feeling that those beings wanted to capture him.

The car left trying to sow the aircraft without succeeding. At a certain point the car would have been, indeed, stopped and beings would surround them, inviting them to board. Here they would have been subjected to physical tests and from there would have arisen had the illness of which later suffered the Hills.

Barney and Betty Hills
Zeta Reticuli map drawn down by the Hills

Star map on the UFO

The most surprising thing, as also mentioned by the Italian tv show Mistero Adventure, was however that Mrs. Hill in a further session of regressive hypnosis would be able to rebuild a star map seen on board the UFO, also describing the extraterrestrials on board the UFO as humanoid beings of short stature, with big head and eyes and with a gray skin.

Ufologist Marjorie Fish then declared to identify the Zeta Reticuli system on the map (a binary system distant 39.2 light years from the Earth), suggesting that the “gray” could come from there. Here ends the story of the Hill and begin discussions on the veracity of the case and on the possible further interpretation of the episode.

Assumptions of travelers of the time

The “extraterrestrial” according to Mistero Adventure, could have been some time travellers and having seen the interest that has often been shown towards humanity could have been nothing but humans from a distant future, perhaps archaeologists or historians returned to visit "critical" historical periods for the future of humanity. The hypothesis is fascinating, but for the time being travel through time are as theoretical as intergalactic journeys at subluminal speeds.

It is not however said that a company with a few hundred thousand (or million) years of evolution in more than those currently experienced by humanity can not be able to bend to its needs those that today seem to be physical laws and impassable limits. Never say never, therefore,at least until it is possible to offer a complete and convincing explanation of incidents like this of Hills mates.

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