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Paranormal: footsteps of guys at the restaurant

A raeder sent us a macabre testimony, that we want to share with you, lovers of mystery and the paranormal. This reader claims to have worked in a restaurant, most of the time at night, and it is a night that would have lived this experience. But let's leave room for his words.

Night cleaning at the restaurant

My job is simple: in the kitchen for cooking, or in the room to serve customers. One evening, as usual, we closed the entrance doors, so no one came in, and we began to tidy up the hall. In the end, I was left alone to wash the floors, once I finished I turned off the light and before returning to the back I looked at the result of my work, but I noticed that not far from the entrance I had forgotten a pair of dirty tracks. I came back to finish cleaning the floor.

I'm back towards the back, erasing the tracks behind me. Finished, I checked again but I saw those horrible tracks again. Honestly, the fact did not surprise me too much, because during the day the boys tend to dirty a lot, when they enter and leave the room. I changed the water and came back to clean up. Near the small traces there were others, so I immediately set to work. Satisfied, I looked one last time around the room and that's when I noticed that those little signs left me and headed for the other exit.

killed boy diner

The footsteps of boys reappear

You got it right: it was the imprints of guys I had cleaned near the entrance. I almost did not believe it, so I rubbed my eyes to see better but nothing, the footprints stopped halfway to the second exit. I ran to the counter, then to the entrance, then to the footprints, starting to wonder if I had not imagined everything. I cleaned up again and sat down to rest, ending up falling asleep. After a while I was woken up by some shots on the glass door.

Approaching it, I noticed a large stain of grease, left by someone's hand, that reached the height of my abdomen. Things that happen when the door is pushed, instead of being normally opened with the handle. After deleting this track, I closed everything and finally went to sleep.

killed boy diner corpse

A day after the grisly discovery

The next morning, coming back to the club, I met another night shift cleaner, who complained of "something" that must have knocked on the door and then rolled on the floor. A few days the corpse of a ten-year-old boy, with signs of a violent death, he was found right behind the restaurant in a pile of rubbish.

I am convinced that that night I had been in some way contacted by a presence no more than this world. Also for this reason I preferred to change jobs”, our reader ends. Not having wanted to indicate exactly when and where this accident would occur, we are not naturally able to evaluate the veracity of his story. Which, however, appears very suggestive, what do you think?

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