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Muldashev: four civilizations on Earth before man

A well-known Russian expert, Ernst Rifgatovich Muldashev, an ophthalmic surgeon by profession and researcher by passion, has long been looking for traces of ancient civilizations disappeared before the rise of mankind on Earth.

Muldshev, who in 2002 published three volumes of “In Search of Cities of the Gods”, followed by numerous other volumes (among which “Where do we come from” e “Between the arms of Dracula”), believes that the existence of more ancient civilizations of man is confirmed by archaeological finds, rock carvings, references to airplanes and Ufos in stories and legends. According to the expert, the civilizations that inhabited the planet would have been four.

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Asuras, the natives

The Asuras, or the natives, according to Muldashev were the first race that appeared on Earth 10 million years ago. They were incredibly tall beings, up to 50 meters, they had an etheric body, they lived for up to ten thousand years and used telepathy to communicate with each other. In reality, they were not natives of the Earth: they moved there after the death of the Phaethon planet.

Atlanteans, those born after

As the millennia passed, the Asuras changed, their bodies became denser. Thus a new race would develop, the Atlanteans, i.e. “those born after”. They were slightly smaller than the Asuras, they still did not have bones, but they had a third eye, located between the eyebrows.

Lemurians, the builders of the Sphinx

After the Atlanteans, appeared on Earth the Lemurians. Much more similar to modern humans, they possessed a bone skeleton and were differentiated according to sex. The third eye was still present, but not as well developed as the Atlanteans.

Lemurians were about 7-8 meters tall and lived about a thousand years. According to Muldashev, they were the ones who built the Sphinx, Stonehenge and many other wonderful monuments of antiquity.

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Borei, the most similar to man

Lastly the Borei would have appeared: this race was formed long after the other, its members were much lower, did not exceed 3-4 meters in height, their third eye was more hidden while the other organs were very similar to those of man. What happened to all these beings?

According to Muldashev, about 25-30 thousand years ago on our planet occurred a nuclear catastrophe following a conflict between Lemurians and Borei. Some of the Lemurians took refuge in the caves, where they fell into a hibernating state, the other side flew away on space ships.

Aryans, after the fall of Atlantis

After the Lemurians left the scene, the Boers and the Atlanteans reached unprecedented development peaks, but they could not avoid the disappearance of their civilizations that would have happened about 12 thousand years ago.

According to Muldashev a fifth race would have developed just before the disappearance of Atlantis, whose myth survived so far: the "aryan" race. The ancestors of modern man did not have a third eye and that's why our society would be developing more slowly.

Will it be true, or as official science says it's just about fantastic theories without any concrete proof? The experts have spoken, but this does not interest the readers of Muldashev.

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