Devil's cemetery - Russia

Devil's cemetery, the scariest place in Russia

In Krasnoyarsk Krai, there is a glade that many believe to be the scariest place in all of Russia. People call it “Devil's Cemetery” (or sometimes devil's glade or death's glade). 

The reason why it's so scary, it's because in the last 25-30 years over 100 people have been killed, or have disappeared in any case.

All of them (and at least three organized groups, the last one in 1982, a group of tourists from the city of Nabarezhnye Chelny) have apparently vanished into thin air and have never been found.

Missing people and dead animals

Not only: they talk of many dead animals found in the glade itself, that for some reason would not have decomposed but whose flesh would become “glittering” (even if it has never been found a level of radiation higher than the average).

At the same time, they talk about a large number of bones that would cover the glade, on whose origin there is no certain information.

Devil's Cemetry in Russia

Did a meteorite generate the clearing?

Some say it was generated by a meteor that crashed on Earth and that's why no grass grows in this area.

Desecrated documents of the Siberian Academy of Sciences of the then Soviet Union (which in 1927 organized a first scientific expedition on the spot) point out, however, that the sinister glade is 400 km from the place where the explosion of Tunguska body occurred and that the first stories about the clearing started around 1920 continuing to accumulate at least until 1928.

The locals keep away

What has always terrified the locals is that in this place there is nothing alive, everything perishes, from plants to animals and to people.

Since it is not easy to reach the devil's cemetery, being necessary to overcome steep slopes covered with woods and sphagnum bogs, if you want to see it you need to rely on local guides, but they never approach more than 2-3 km from the place, leaving visitors the choice whether to go it alone or go back.

devil's cemetery google maps

Devil's cemetery has curious characteristics

Also according to the declassified documents of the Siberian Academy of Sciences, low frequency acoustic oscillations and small but frequent seismic shocks could be among the causes of the deaths of plants and animals.

Other experts believe that there is a significant alteration of the magnetic field in the glade, which could also be the cause of headaches and other illnesses reported by those who have managed to explore the locality over the years.

The place is traceable on Google Maps

Despite the fragmentary and often contradictory descriptions, the location, that could for some even be a kind of gateway to Hell, really exists and is easily traceable also on Google Maps (the coordinates are: 47°45’24,16’’ N, 100°43’57,84’’ E).

The mystery therefore remains and can not be classified just as a “web hoax”.

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