Yundum mystery ancient astronauts

Did ancient alien astronauts build Yundum airport?

Is there a relationship between ancient alien astronauts and a small airport of Gambia, the African country? For years we have been wondering about the true origin of Banjul (the Republic of Gambia capital) airfield.

It is also known as Yundum International, perhaps the only international airport in the world whose runway was pre-existing at the airport itself.

An ancient runway made of monolithic stones

It consisted of monolithic stone slabs, carefully fitted to each other that local population assures were there from time immemorial.

So when the airport was officially built, during Second World War, it was enough to asphalt onto these slabs and apply marking and a wonderful runway with a length of 3,600 meters was obtained.

A runway where not only any modern aircraft, regardless of their weight or dimensions, but even a Space Shuttle can take off and land.

yundum antichi alieni

NASA worked on the infrastructure of Yudum - Baniul

Nasa, indeed, put Yudum - Banjul Airport in the list of alternative sites for the landing of its Space Shuttle (Yudum remained in it untill 2001), taking an active part in the redevelopment of the airport and installing the necessary radioelectronic control and navigation systems with its technicians. 

In 1996, moreover, the current international airport was born from a joint US-Gambia project, whose asphalt runway, even today, does not cover all the old stone slabs, some of which can be seen both at its beginning and at the end.

Which is to say that the ancient runway was much more impressive than the modern one. But this to whom could ever serve?

Even the Nazis were interested in Yudum

No one has yet given a complete answer to this question and from the documents available on the net it is not even clear if the slabs have a perfectly polished surface or not and, in the second case, if this does not depend on the erosion produced over the centuries.

Provided the slabs are actually so old. For some, in fact, the story of the Yudum - Banjul airport it's all but mysterious and it would have been built from scratch in the 1940s by the Nazis, perhaps to be able to export uranium.

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Runway always present in human memory

Even assuming this is the explanation, Germans to build the runways of their military airports used small metal plates drilled to reduce their weight, not stone slabs.

In addition to build the Yudum runway Germans would need to open a large-scale stone-cutting production, use powerful machines and cranes.

But the local elders have always reiterated that nothing like this has ever happened, and the plates have always been there in living memory. Runway could then be realized by some ancient earthly civilization or by ancient alien astronauts.

Officially no one has ever studied Yudum

This would not be the first case of a site which may have been used for takeoffs and landings of extraterrestrial spacecraft over the past centuries or millennia, by the way the hypothesis appears non-demonstrable.

However so far no one has apparently conducted a scientific study about the mysterious runaway of Yudum - Banjul, unless the studies and their results were made in secret (maybe from NASA with the excuse of installing its equipment), hiding the results.

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