Pollock twins and past lives

Pollock twins and memories of past lives

Is it possible to retain, subconsciously, memories of a past life? Yes, according to some specialist as the American psychiatrist and author Brian Weiss, who since 1980 gathered a whole range of experiences referred by his patients regressive hypnosis sessions.

Regressive hypnosis is even now distrusted by most of therapists, because could lead false memories, btw cases of people who said to remember previous lives have been reported before Weiss' works.

The case of Pollock twins

One of the most interesting case is still that of British twins Gillian and Jennifer Pollock, bor at Hexham, Northumberland, October 4, 1958 after March 5, 1957 a hit and run swept away, while walking on the sidewalk with a friend (Anthony Layden), the previous two daughters of Mr and Mrs Pollock, Joanna (11 years old) and Jacqueline (6 years old). A tragic death that robbed their parents, John and Florence Pollock, lives.

Previous lives of the twin girls

Btw Mr Pollock, strong supporter of reincarnation, when his wife got pregnant again he told her that their daughtes died in the crash would have reincarnated into two twins. Despite his wife's and doctor's scepticism he struck to his story, until at birth of the twins. Gemelle Pollock

Coincidence or memories of past lives?

His beliefs found further confirmation when he and his wife noticed that Jennifer had two birth signs equivalent to signs that also Jacqueline had had. A first sign was on ]ennifer forehead, by the bridge of her nose, corresponding to a scar that Jacqueline sustained falling, a second, a brown mark on the left side of ]ennifer's basin, was equivalent to a similar inborn mark of Jacqueline.

First memories hint

Between 2 and 4 years, then, Gillian and Jennifer started to recognise some toys belonged to Joanna and Jacqueline and that parents sait the twins would not be able to recognise normally, not having ever mention to the little girls the two died sisters, nor shown objects belonged to them.

The little twins, furthermore, recognized two locations (a school and some swings in a park) even before to have seen them and did likewise their two dead sisters: for instance ]ennifer seemed to depend on Gillian, just like ]acqueline depended on ]oanna.

Gemelle Pollock oggi

Gillin and Jennifer Pollock identical twins

In 1978 Gillian and ]ennifer got blood tests together with their parents to determine wether twins were homozygous or heterozygous. It turned out that they were identical twins, i.e. that they were consisting of the same genetic material. But since birth sings on ]ennifer had hereditary characteristics, if they were of genetic origin they should have also be present on Gillian, who did not show any signs.

Memories vanished with the growth of twins

Growing up, Gillian and Jennifer Pollock became normal girls and totally forgot memories regarding their supposed previous lives. Even so their case, like many others referred by Brian Weiss, continues to raise doubts that science has not yet been able to respond.

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