5 abandoned Boeing 737 Bali

Mystery: 5 abandoned Boeing 737 planes in Bali

Now it's almost become a turistic attraction, but no one knows, or want to say, who took a Boeing 737 in a field near Raya Nusa Dua Selatan highway in Bali island, five minutes away from the famous Pandawa beach, even if first witnesses of this plane date back to 2015.

There is not just an abandoned Boeing 737 in Bali

That year a first video was published on Youtube channel Skyrial Bali (if you wanna see it, just follow this link). Since then mysteyous abandoned Boeing 737 which has been cleared of all markings (you can just reat a serial number, PK-RII, on the right wing) has become a celebrity: if you search for “abandoned Boeing 737 Bali” on Youtube you will find about 20 videos now. That would already be a curious fact, but what's incredible is that is not always the same plane. Boeing 737 Bali 01

5 abandoned planes and no one knows why

There are in fact 5 abandoned Boeing 737 planes in different locations of Bali island and if for some of them you can think they are rotters of obsolete planes that had to be transformet in restaurant (as was for the Boeing 737-400 formerly Lion Air repeinted in blue at the Kerama's Aeropark), or simly had to be demolished for recovering materials, but then abandoned because of lack of resourses, regardin the other we are absolutely not able to have any news about how and why they got where now you can find them, nor about the purpose for which they were abandoned there. Boeing 737 Bali 03

Possible solutions for the mystery

So on the web started to arise the most different assumptions: since the best-kept secrets are those highlighted, some of the Boeing 737s could be alien starships disguised under the apparent wreckages of terrestrial planes. Or they could hide as many entries of underground secret bases (aliens or terrestrial). Or even could be a sort of “code” visible from on high (all five planes can be found, with a bit of work, on Google Earth). What the truth will be then, for you? Btw here is a video to see all five planes: have a nice view.

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