Mahabarata battle for the Earth

Mahabharata: the story of an ancient battle for Earth

Mahabharata is an ancient Indian epic poem that includes the Bhagavad Gita. Some people read this literary monument as an interesting ancient myth telling of a great and terrible battle in Kurukshetra, between the Kauravas and the Pandavas.

What does the Mahabharata actually tell us bout?

But what does the Mahabharata actually tell us about? Excerpts from the 6th chapter of the Bhishmaparva of the Mahabharata, which describe the world around and the state of things before the battle begins, it talks about:

Sudarshan Island: round, shaggy, one half Smokovnitsa, the other Great Hare. There are great mountains there like Khimavan, Nishudha, Nila, Shveta, Shringavan, and between them Mount Meru rises. The Sun, the Wind and the Milky River, flowing from west to east, go around it from left to right. It is believed that it rises to 100 thousand yojan in height (yojan is a Vedic measure of distance that was used in ancient India, which is about 12-15 km, ed);

Bharata, one of the seven countries lying on the mainland of Jambudvipa. The total length of this continent is 18,600 yojan. There are 7 mountains: Malaya (Mercury), Jaladhara (Venus), Raivataka (Mars), Shyama (Jupiter), Durgashaila (Saturn), Caesar (Neptune). The distance between them in yojan is twice that of the previous one.

mahabarata battaglia

The Mahabharata describes our universe

The Moon, with a diameter of 11 thousand, at a distance of 365,900 yojan. The sun, with a diameter of 10 thousand yojan, a distance of 305,800 yojan. This is how the Sanjay world described king Dhrtarastra, but is quite evident that Mahabharata describes the structure of the universe and of our solar system.

Then Bharata is the planet Earth, and not some kind of Indian country: the island of Sudarshan is a universe, Mount Meru is the Polar Star, which is traced from left to right Milky Way. The diameter of the Polar Star is 100 thousand, and the Sun 10 thousand yojan. The other mountains described by Sajaia are large star constellations.

Now: the story described in the RigVeda about the liberation of the herd of cows Indra becomes clearer. It was not about cows, but about star clusters. And he released the Milky Way, and not the Gange river. Surprisingly the accuracy of data on the universe and the dimensions of celestial bodies and the distances between them. The sun has 10,000 yojan that is 1,392 million kilometers. The diameter of our system is 18,600 * 139.2 = 2.59 billion km.

Mahabarata stella bruna

A dark twin of the Sun

Another surprising conclusion can be made by analyzing this text. The sun has a “moon” and they are a double star: the continent of JashvaDvipa, as Sajai calls our solar system, is translated as the double star. That is, this “moon” is a dark, invisible dwarf per 1,000 yojan (10%) larger than the Sun.

Symmetry and proportions are shocking. The diameter of the Earth and the Sun correlates 1 to 109. The product of the diameters of the Moon (satellite) and the Earth is equal to the diameter of the Sun. The Moon, which is a satellite of the Earth, is exactly 140 times smaller than the “moon”, which is an invisible double star.

Now, let’s pay attention to the distance between the planets: this distance is approximately 2 times higher than in the previous one, this rule does not work only between Jupiter and Mars. But then the legend that a planet was destroyed, where the asteroid belt is currently observed, becomes very realistic. Previously, this planet was in our solar system. Could Mars, Venus, and Jupiter have been burned in an interstellar war?

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Aren’t we the aboriginal inhabitants of Earth?

If all this is true, the Mahabharata tells of the struggle between the Kauravas and the Pandavas for the entire planet Earth! It was a clash of two highly developed civilizations, performing interstellar flights and possessing terrible weapons. The battle took place in space, and not on the surface of a planet.

But after using nuclear or even more terrible weapons, our Earth was actually destroyed, the nuclear winter has come and only a few survived. All knowledge and skills of the previous civilization were lost. In other words, we would not aboriginal inhabitants of this planet. Scaring, isn’t it?

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