submerged pyramids yonaguni

Submerged pyramids off Yonaguni Island

In the mid-80s, off southern Yonaguni, in Japan, some divers found amazing underwater stone structures which looked like stairs or balconies. Scientist like marine geologist Masaaki Kimura think these “pyramids” are man-made and that date back to thousand of years ago.

Yonagumi pyramids on tv

Story has been enhanced by History Channel (in the episode “Lost cities of the deep” of Ancient Discoveries series), by Bbc and by Discovery Channel, but the question remains: are they wildlife structures or were they created over the surface by a vanished civilization and then were flooded by ocean beacause of a volcanic eruption or an earthquake? Yonaguni 01

Yonaguni pyramids consist of a series of stone structures, comprising massive layers, as well as various pillars. They lie at a depth between 5 to 40 meters above the surface. The most remarkable structure was named “turtle” because of its similarity with such an animal.

The circulation of marine currents

Because of very strong marine currents, and a large population of hammerhead sharks, diving in these waters isn't fully safe, but this didn't prevent the area to become the most famous for diving in Japan. Yonaguni 02

Some scientists think that exactly the strong maring currents, jointly to the natural process of erosion, turned for millenia the ocean floor.

Too many corners and straight edges

Yonagumi pyramids would therefore be just part of a rock formation. Other experts continue to believe they were man-made, as would seem to indicate the huge number of corners and straight edges, as witness many photos taken over the years.Yonaguni 03

Whether this view proved to be correct, would arise louder a second question: why, fromwho and for what purpose were built Yonaguni pyramids. Before even gets the the mythical Atlantis, were they and ancient fortified complex, temples, or a mausoleum? Yonaguni 04

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