Miriam Delicado and the Nordic aliens

Nordic aliens: the abduction of Miriam Delicado

Nordic aliens have already been in touch with the human race? Yes, according to Miriam Delicado, Canadian, born in 1966, who has been declaring for years to have been “abducted” by tall, blond and blue-eyed aliens with an angelic appearance, in 1988.

Nordic aliens in Canada

The incident would have happened while traveling along a highway in the Northern British Columbia in a car with three other friends, after that, for a few hours, strange lights followed the car to the point that she would have convinced her friends to stop the car, being convinced that those lights were looking for her.

miriam delicado

The Nordic aliens would then have brought Miriam, “scared but not terrified”, inside a spaceship, they would have given her a small rectangular object gray-silver with some engraved symbols and they would have telepathically communicated a message to her.

The message of Miriam Delicado

One day a star will appear in the sky for all of man to see, nothing or no one will be able to hide its presence from the world. It will be a sign to the people that the end is near and it is time to prepare”.

Nordic aliens would have explained that if in the future a great catastrophe will come back to Earth again, people will have to go to some “safelands” protected by aliens, like the Four Corners area in the United States.

The Blue Star prophecy

Delicado thinks that the message the aliens gave her is the equivalent of the Hopi people prophecy regarding the Blue Star (or Saquasohuh).

The appearance of such a star, that for some could be Holmes comet or Ison comet, would announce the approach of the end of time and it would coincide with the return of the two brothers that helped to create this world, Poganghoya (guardian of the North Pole) and Palongawhoya (guardian of the South Pole).

miriam delicado nordic aliens

Humanity chooses which path to follow

Aliens, btw, would refer to “just possibilities”, but Delicado claims that it was immediately clear to her that “humanity had a choice in whether or not we were going to end up on this destructive path or a positive path”.

Shortly after her “alien abduction”, Canadian girl would have been approached by a man that would try to recruit her for a secret Russian psychic project, while in the following years five mysterious men, all dressed the same way (were they “men in black”, maybe?) would repeatedly ask her for information about alien technology.

Only a publicity stunt?

A strong evidence, although being Miriam Delicado the author of “Alien Blue Star”, a book published in 2007 that tells the whole story of her, the possibility that the whole story is totally invented for the sole purpose of making a profit, as well as further revelations regarding the supposed role of aliens in the creation of human race and the chance of contacts, kept secret, of other alien races and some military exponents of the Earth, can't be excluded.

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