Salamanca's ancient astronaut

Salamanca cathedral's ancient astronaut

Is it possible that on the north face of an ancient spanish cathedral of 16th century is carved an astronauti with his suit and helmet? Not only it is possible, is exactly what anyone can see through his eyes among the bas-reliefs of the north entry of Catedral Nueva (new cathedral) of Salamanca.

Salamanca's astronaut
The Salamanca's astronaut

Salamanca's carved astronaut

Cathedral was built in 16th century (works started in 1520 and were completed in 1733), while the figure carved is clearly inspired by modern astronauts, with boots with rubber sole, helmet an even the typical “umbilical cord” holding astronaut back to his spaceship during the space walks.

The fist reaction of anyone who spot it is wonder how was it possible that in 1500 someone could carve an image that would have become famous about 450 years later? Are we in the presence of the evidence that already at those times Earth was visited by ancient astronauts, clearly of alien origins?

An amazing truth

Truth is amazing, but first of all it would be important to wonder: if it really was a decoration carved during the first decades of cathedral construction, how would have been the artist able to imagine the subject represented during a space walk?

Television had not been invented yet so, at most, artist could have represent the astronaut with his suit but standing, to earth, maybe with his helmet under his arm, surely without “umbilical cord”.

A modern decoration

To be true the astronaut's sculpture which adorns Puerta de Ramos of Salamanca's cathedral was not realized in 1520, neither in the following decades, but in 1992, by stonemason and sculptor Miguel Romero, during the restaurations of the cathedral.

To include some avowedly modern elements among the decorations of ancient monuments is a tradition started in the Seventies of last century and the “ancient astronaut” is not the only example of this kind of interventions in decorations of Puerta de Ramos.

The restored astronaut

Not too far the astronaut, for example, a satyr eats... a scoop with two cups of ice cream! Too bad that, modern or anciet it would be, in 2010 astronaut has been damaged by vandals who have detached an arm of it.

It was therefore necessary a new restauration to return it him, but meanswhile some picture of the astronaut, damaged and already with a veneer given by the time passed from its inclusion to its damage (18 yars), started to spread on the web like presumed “evidence” of the antiquity of the decoration.

Vandal action and restauration

Modern astronaut in an ancient church

Someone nevertheless has proposed a fanciful solution to justify a modern astronaut's presence on the front of a cathedral almost 500 years old: the ancient stonemason would have had the gift of the foresight and modern restores have invented the history of the posthumous addition to keep secret the news.

Unfortunately, should this had been true, no one in about five centuries has been in the slightest bit curious of such a detail. To be precise doesn't exist any chronicle that has reported, during the centuries, any amazement for the presence of such an "alien" object such an ancient astronaut among the bas-reliefs of Puerta de Ramos.

Or maybe Salamanca's people were able to keep secret, for centuries, and ancient visit of alien astronauts to their city?

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