Moon: an ufo on its surface

Moon: has an Ufo just appeared on its surface or what?

The Moon continuous to fascinate the men and ufologists don't cease to find on it signs of a possible di una possibile alien presence, despite the fact that six Apollo missions didn't fina any traces of extraterrestrial civilization.

Mysterious shape spotted on the Moon

The last one who said that on the Moon there is something strange is a Slovack youtuber, Martin Mikaus, whose channel is dedicated to UFOs, extraterrestrials and various mysteries. Two of his lates videos are about Earth's satellite.

In the first, shot November 27, 2017, you can see a shape that “looks like a spaceship or is it only mountain or something else?” asks the ufologist adding: “I watched my old records and ... Year ago when I was filming Moon this shape was not there”. Then “What is it that appeared on the Moon and how long is it there?”.

An year ago this shape was not there

In the second video, always of November 27, 2017, Martin explains: “This video is authentic without any adjustments- This I filmed on the Moon. What can it be?” While the first one already caused comments, bnetween real and sarcastic (some users suggest to Martin to invest in a tripod, since images are not very clear and fuzzy), the second one still have to receive: if you wanna be the first to comment, here it is.

So far no one answered to Martin's questions, but some sites of mysteries and ufology fans pointed out how is curious that no one else noticed the strange shape, particularly because NASA's (Us space agency) specialists constantly are monitoring our satellite.

fantasmi russia

Hopefully is not really an alien UFO

Someone added also: “it's clear that even if they saw that structure, Nasa's experts can't share such a sensational news”, otherwise people would demand what to do if aliens was already on the Moon and we were being observed.

To be true we already wondering wether the Earth could reply to an invation of an alien race and the answer has not yet reassuring. Politicians and scientists might be hiding in bunkers worth billion of dollars, but common people like us can do very little in the event of an hostile alien invasion.

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