Sinister ghosts in Russia

Sinister ghost haunts houses in Russia

Among many Russian legends ghosts, one of the most sinister, in name and in essence, is an evil ghost leading misery in a country home in which it established. 

Sinister (Злыдень in Russian) is a ghost lacking any defined form, is invisible, but you can hear it, sometimes it even talks with people in whose house has taken up residence. It's hard for an evil spirit to come in a country hose since the brownie that usually lives there (at least in Russia) is typically much stronger and doesn't let it in.

Evil spirits of the Russian countryside

Btw, if an evil spirit gets to sneak into a home, then it shows a lot of activity and besides talking it can get to possess the house occupants. Usually, evil spirits group haunt a house, up to 12 creatures, hiding behind stoves, ion chests or in the cabinets.

If they are unable to find a suitable house they shall dwell in the forest near a pond where they wait for someone suitable to get in touch with him and follow him way home.

Bad luck and misery will haunt you

Be careful, because this kind of evil ghosts (just like some envious people that everyone encounters in his daily life) draw bad luck and misery on residents of the house where they establish so failings will haunt the unfortunates everywhere, being very difficult to get rid of such spirits.

To keep them to get into the house you have to apply to doors and windows rather than in places where such spirits tend to hide (chests and closets) the marks of the lightning and the sun.

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How to protect you by an evil spirit

In the same way, you can protect people from against the risk of being possessed, knitting these marks on clothes or bringing around your neck amulets with the same signs.

But if the evil ghost got into the house, to get rid of it you need to to let it come with deceit in an iron or bat box, lock it in and throw it in a swamp or bur it at the hedge of a forest.

Today is more difficult

Pity that in a world where there are a lot fewer forests and people live in concrete forests called cities, envy and jealousy are on the increase and differently than this evil ghost of Russian legends can't be trapped in a box and be thrown away so easily, therefore be very careful not to let them get into your house, or they'll ruin your lives.

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