Reger Leir and the alien implants

Roger Leir, the surgeon that removed alien implants

Are we alone in the universe? And if it doesn't, have ever been encounters "of the third kind" that can be verified?

A man for several years happened to have the answer (and it was positive).

He was doctor Roger K. Leir, an American podiatrist surgeon died on March 14, 2014, at the age of 80, after having witnessed for many years how he removed extraterrestrial implants. And it claimed it in tens of tv shows and interviews regarding UFOs and the supposed alien abductions.

Leir and the alien implants

Leir stated, for years, he had a chance, during ordinary surgical interventions, to resect a few dozen implants which in the course of the surgery would have moved such as to avoid being removed. According to Leir laboratory tests would have proven such systems being of alien origin.

Roger Leir
Roger Leir showing a test-tube containing an alien implant.

Traces of cobalt, hexahedrites and iridiumd

To be true, similar witnesses were reported also by other specialists working at any point of the planet and such implants were described as being objects of metal alloy for the most part containing meteoritic iron (with extraterrestrial isotopes), of the same classes of hexahedrites.

Very often laboratory tests would have further revealed high levels of cobalt and of iridium. According to some scientists, the heavier iron isotopes among those recorded in such implants might have formed next to the nucleus of our galaxy or because of an explosion of a supernova, circumstances that, note, would confirm their extraterrestrial (better, extra solar system) origin of them.

Roger Leir
Roger Leir during surgery

Subcutaneous radio transmitters

Moreover, these systems are covered by an oily hull and a hard covering which prevents the rejection of them by the guest organism, preventing any immune response. Besides, the external covering seems to be sensitive to the fononis (quantum particles associated, in the solids, with waves of vibration, similar to the photons of the electromagnetic waves), with the ability to re-transmit the sound waves.

Some implants would have kept on transmitting on frequencies from 93 to 15 Mhz before being surgically removed. Their location can vary, but according to Leir they were always found just under the epidermis surface, near bones.

You can't just observe the subject to detect such systems: scars are never been recovered, nor cuts on the skin of those people to which such implanst have been later removed. On the other hand sometimes you can note mysterious shine on the surface of the skin observable through UV-B, UV-C (or rarely UV-A) radiations.

Btw, an X-ray or better a CAT scan can locate with precision such systems. According to some experts, implants can generate strong magnetic fields (up to over 10 milligauss), even able to dismiss the scalpel while one was attempting to remove them.

alien implant
Implant extracted by the body of a patient.

Cases have also been reported in Italy

One last disturbing data, according to a statistic not only up to 2% of US population (i.e. over 6 millions people) would have suffered an "alien abduction", but also many other countries in the world, including Italy, reported cases where people claimed to have been abducted by aliens.

At least one of them, a resident from Naples, years after the alleged abduction discovered he had an extraneous body in his hand. When questioned about it, doctor Giuseppe Colamine confirmed to have prescribed a radiological test that confirmed the presence of such an "alien body" in the hand of his patient.

Even in this case no scar tissue was detected and he noticed that the system was working like a radio transmitter; further, it was suggested that, depending on operating frequencies, such implant be able to cause positive or negative attitudes of some kind, so in theory being able to control, at least within a certain degree, the emotions and behaviour of the subject.

But since such technology, as far as we officially know, has not yet been developed on Earth, it was thought that the origin of the system could be extraterrestrial. Maybe doctor Leir was rigth?

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