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The most secret bases of all time: AL/499, Camp 13 and Base 2011

Do you believe that Area 51 is the most secret base of the world, the place where the US government keeps some debris of one or more UFOs and the evidence of extraterrestrial life? Actually, you can list at least ten more secret bases.

Today we want to talk to you of three of these secret basses, utilized by three different countries for several goals, none of which exactly reassuring, btw.

Base AL/499

AL/499 secret base should be about 60 meters below the English village of Peasemore, in Berkshire countryside. We don't know a lot of activities which would take place there, if not what James Casbolt, former MI6 (the British secret service, made famous by novels about Agent 007, James Bond's adventures) agent claimed.

According to Casbolt, at AL/499 would be carried out the “Project Mannequin”, a cloning operation geared toward creating “super soldiers”.

Peasemore village

Previously the base would have been used for “MKUltra Project” related operations, with which the Cia during ‘50s and ‘60s conducted experiments to find out which drugs and tortures were able to let prisoners confess or create a mind control to create highly trained and unknowing (even to themselves) killers.

Please note that although it operated from the United Kingdom, AL/499 connects to similar secret operations in the United States, so those in charge of the base answer to the Nsa and not to MI6.

The Camp 13

South African secret services for years have earned a good reputation in the world of spies and like its counterparties in UK and USA would have its own installation, the Camp 13, somewhere in the Kalahari desert, where high-tech laser weapon would be tested.

According to some sources, here would be kept one of the three alien corpses recovered from the shot down by a Mirage of the South African Air Force over the same desert May 7, 1989, near Botswana border.

Kalahari desert

Also there the USA would have claimed (and obtained) that most of UFO's debris and two of the corpses would be brought in, but South Africen secret services would have held the third corpse and part of the debris to study them on their own account.

Base 211, neu berlin

Also known as “Neu Berlin ” or New Berlin, Base 211 would have been a secret Nazi facility created since 1928 on Antarctica under the ground of Schwabenland (New Swabia, land claimed by Germany between 1939 and 1945).

Regarding the activities carried out on that base arose over the years a variety of theories, among which the one that its purpose was to establish contact with the inhabitants of the hollow earth of the Agartha kingdom who resided in the region to use their technology to develop new weapons.

base 211

According to other experts, more simply, it would be a secret submarine base used in the last few days of the WW2 by the same Adolf Hitler to plan an escape from Berlin.

The escape, according to this version, would have managed perfectly and from Base 2011 Hitler would eventually be transported to South America where according to some sources he would live under an assumed name until 1980.

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