UFOs, Lazar and element 115

Does Bob Lazar know how an UFO is made?

One of the most successful Discovery Channel tv show is “How it's made”: how many of you would like to see an episode dedicated to “how an UFO is made”?

Hardly such an episode will ever go on air, yet on the web there is no shortage of rumors about it. For years a man in particular provided some rumors: the american businessman Bob Lazar.

Lazar and the S-4 area UFO

Lazar, founder of United Nuclear, a company which sells scientific equipment, including radioactive ores, magnets, aerogel and otheras lab chemicals, has repeatedly affirmed to be a physicist and to have worked in the top secret S-4 area in the Nevada Test Site (near the more famous Area 51) at the express request of Edward Teller.

Lazar particularly claimed to have worked in the “Black Projects”, i.e. on reverse engineering on a real UFO US government owned.

Ufo Lazar


How is made an UFO

This UFO had a flight deck the size of a kid and therefore, according to Lazar, couldn't be in anty way a terrestrial veichle. Lazar also drew a diagram of the flying saucer, describing in details the propulsion systems that would be a number of gravitational amplifiers and focusing mechanism, used to determine the travel mode.

The “waveguide” would be powered by a matter anti-matter reactor on the UFO's floor, basketball size. The reactor woould have been powered by a stable “super heavy” oraneg element similar to the 115th element of the periodic table.

Element 115 really exists

A little thing: element 115 (Moscovium) was first synthesized in 2003 and it was recognized in the periodic table only at the end of 2015, together elements 113, 117 and 118, thus completing the seventh period of the table, while Lazar talked about this element already in 1989 and also for this reason he wasn't believed.

Indeed many scientists have criticized the statements, pointing out as Lazar made repeatedly crass mistakes, thereby demonstrating to mislead notions and basic scientific terms and not to have a clear understanding about the concept of gravity and its effects, as well as about nuclear and sub-nuclear schemes and stellar evolution.

Bob Lazar interview

Does someone wanted to rig Lazar?

The fact that element 115 evidence has been officially declared does not automatically mean that what Lazar (of which on one's ever found evidence of academic certificates or working experience for the US government) said was true, nor that he understood what he saw.

By the way there is a chance that at least partially his story is true, as well as Lazar has been manipulated, maybe from the ones who first facilitated his tetimony, as journalist George Knapp (famous in the Eighties for his investigations over “anomalous phenomena”) and John Olsen Lear, a son of William Lear (american businessman and inventor, also founder of LearJet) but also former CIA agent.

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