USOs under the Atlantic ocean

USOs and the Fast Mover program

Periodically the web goes back to talk about USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects), underwater vehicles able to reach speeds which are impossible for any machine of human origin, or about the alleged US Navy's secret project called “Fast Mover”.

Marc D’Antonio at Devils Tower

Marc D’Antonio, astronomer and chief video analyst for the Mufon (Mutual Ufo Network), but also film consultant and Fx Models (a special effects company) Ceo, talked about the project at the Devils Tower's (i.e. teh locations where it was filmed the scene of extraterrestrial's schip landing of Close Encounters of the Third Type) convention of last September, 14-16.

A “fast mover” under the Atlantic ocean

D’Antonio speech was pretty long and articulated, but a specific episod turned the curiosity of the British site The Sunon, the one wich referred to a a ride in an American submarine under north Atlantic ocean, some years ago, when D’Antonio would have heard sonar operator shouting “Fast mover! Fast mover!”.

It wouldn't be a fals signal, since it was confirmed by another sonar machine, and USO's speed woulod have been “several hundred knots”.

Uso sotto Atlantico

A top secret military program

D’Antonio would have pointed out to having kept to himself the incident before referring it to a senior naval figure asking him what the program “Fast Mover” would have been, just to be told “Sorry Marc I can’t talk about that programme”, which D’Antonio interpreted as a soft confirmation of the existence of a program to detect potentially alien origin submerged objects.

Where are the evidences?

It remains uncler how D’Antonio from an exclamation may have deduced that a program with the same name exists (and why should it be a program to detect alien veichles, rather than “common” terrestrial military submarines), nor obviously there are other validetions that the episode really happened.

Btw, following The Sun other sites reported the news, from the Australian to the Italian edition of, going through tens of othe sites all over the world.

The Shag Harbour precedent

For sure, as we already explained about the Shag Harbour incident, in the last decades sightseeings (real or fake) of unidentified objects which rather than flying float down and then move quickly beneath the oceans surface have multiplied, and somebody suggested that it may be the confirmation oifr the existence of alien undersea bases.

Have so far not been spread photos nor videos regarding USOs and their crews, so we just have to wait and see if time will clarify should it be just hoax or really US and other military circles have choosen to keep hidden an uglyo truth to public opinion.

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