UFOs spy nude beaches?

Do UFOs spy nude beaches?

Are Earth and its inhabitants kept under observation by alien (or terrestrial) UFOs? Many supporting it for years, citing sightings and contacts occurred with consistency in the course of human history and that in the last century seem to have undergone a marked increase.

Morfa Dyffryn Sightings

What had not yet emerged, if not from the stories of who sustains of having been kidnapped and subjected to personal inspections and analyses, is that the flying disks and their possible crews can be very curious about the naked human body. It will be a case but according to Daily Post at Morfa Dyffryn, famous nudist beach in Gwynedd County, in northern Wales, there would be many sightings.

Ufo nudisti cartello

Mufon investigates

These phenomena have already attracted the attention of ufologists around the world and of the world's most famous organization, the Mufon (Mutual ufo network), which put signs around the area to ask to any eyewitnesses to come forward and explain what they exactly saw and opened a site to which you can send reports via a form, so to seriously study the phenomenon and clarify what it was.

Strange lights over the sea and on the beach

Morfa Dyffryn beach, a vast expanse of golden sand between Barmouth and Harlech, has long been known and visited by nudists and those who appreciate looking human bodies without clothes, but now it seems to have attracted another kind of audience. According to the descriptions provided so far, strange lights would have been observed several times, plasma balls and other seemingly inexplicable apparitions above the sea, the beach and the sand dunes that surround it both day and night.

Ufo nudisti bagno

UFOs watches or military drones?

However, it is unclear whether they are alien UFOs (maybe a sort of space "watches"?), natural phenomena or simply drones, as near was reopened a couple of years Llanbedr airport, since 2004 managed by the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency as a base for launching drones used as air targets by Raf and other air forces.

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