Princess Diana Spencer, Lady D

Death of Diana: 20 years on is still a mystery

It's been 20 years since that terrible night of August 31, 1997 when Diana Frances Spencer, Lady D, former wife of the elder to the British throne, Prince Charles, and Dodi Al-Fayed, son of Mohamed Al-Fayed, Egyptian businessman owners, among other things, of Harrods department stores in London and of Hotel Ritz in Paris, died in a car crash in the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris.

Yet despite the passing of years, the mystery surrounding this death does not seem to vanish, rather in a book, “Who Killed Lady D?” photographer Pascal Rostain and reporters Jean-Michel Caradech and Bruno Mouron have listed further dark points in the story. Let's try to examine the most important of them, to understand if those who claim Diana's death was the result of a conspiracy warped by the French and British secret services, perhaps following an input from the British Royal Family, can have some clue to support it.

Diana mercedes

Mercedes to be scraped

The Mercedes S280 involved in the accident initially belonged to Eric Bousquet: stolen, when found was judged not to be recovered due to the damage suffered, so the owner was reimbursed in full by the insurer, yet later it was restored and sold to an agency which worked for the Ritz, the Etoile Limousine. The car would however continue to show difficulties in road holding, resulting in being undriveable beyond 60 km/h (the crash took place around 100 km/h)

Diana Henri Paul

Inebriated or sober driver?

The driver Henri Paul (who died as well in the crash), Deputy Head of Security at Ritz, had been off-duty that evening but was called back by Dodi Al-Fayed to drive the car. Paul have twice been to Stuttgart, Germany, on specialist courses run by Mercedes-Benz on how to handle their cars, including anti-terrorist and anti-kidnapping evasion techniques. Paul's blood alcohol content level was more than three times the threshold for drunk driving as defined under French law, but Mohmed Al-Fayed has always sustained that if Paul was “inebriated” his son and his bodyguards would never consent that he would drive the car

Diana mine

Why was Lady D without security?

Lady D had cleared her Royalty and Specialist Protection (RaSP) team a few months earlier and no one had objected to the decision, even though she was a public figure constantly exposed to the media and she was a perfect target for any terrorist attacks, especially after his public commitment in favor of a ban on world production of landmines. Mines that Great Britain produced more than any other country in those years. It is probable that if RaSP was still present would at least get it that princess Diana wore her seat belt, thus avoiding the serious wounds that caused her death

Diana Mannakee

Barry Mannekee's death

About the security: princess Diana had a crush for Barry Mannakee, police officer with the Royal Protection Squad and bodyguard to Lady D. Three weeks after Mannakee left office on May 15, 1987, he was killed in a motorcycle accident: was it just casualty or was a “warning” for Lady D for not to “play with fire” further? Despite all the suspicions, Mannekee's death was considered incidental also from the results of the Operation Paget, the Scotland Yard's investigation on the circumstances of Lady D's death, conducted in parallel with the official one of the French police

Diana Fiat Uno

The mysterious white Fiat Uno

Have been mentioned a long time about a white Fiat Uno hat would have played a role in the accident, but no one have never been able to trace the car and its owner, since all surveillance cameras along the route followed by Mercedes, on which were princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed, were out of order. According to the British press, however, one of the paparazzi that followed the car that night, James Andanson, owned a white Fiat Uno at that time

Diana James Andanson

A peculiar suicide

Andanson has never been asked for anything and it will no longer be possible to do so since he was dead, officially suicidal. His corpse, however, was rediscovered, with a bullet hole in the head, carbonized inside a car completely destroyed by a fire: a complicated way, to say the least, to take away life, so much that have been mentioned about a murder-suicide organized by MI5, the British secret service with which Andanson seems had cooperated as a whistle blower

Diana pregnant

Princess Diana was pregnant?

Diana had been divorced by Charles at the time of her death, she had already had a previous “serious relationship” with the British-Pakistani surgeon Hasnat Khan and according to many did not have serious intentions with Dodi Al-Fayed, but she just wanted to provoke Khan's jealousy so to convince him to marry her. That's why the princess would regularly use contraceptive pills, yet some among them the same Mohamed Al-Fayed hypothesized that she could be pregnant at the time of the crash, hypothesis that the coroner heard in the French and British investigations stated could not be in any way verified or denied.

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