Foo fighters in Italy

Foo fighters were spotted also in Italy

If any of you had a grandfather or relative who fought during World War II, he may have heard about "foo fighters" already, the mysterious globe of light spotted several times by allied forces during the conflict, between 1941 and 1945, from Asia to Europa.

Fast-moving glowing globes

Individual sightings could have different characteristics, but almost everyone had in common refer to unidentified flying objects (later known as UFOs or flying saucers), very fast, which had an unpredictable pattern and unpleasant movements, able to follow at different altitudes and speeds allied ships and fighters, apparently without hostile intentions or in any case without a case of aggression being reported.

Foo fighters mystery

Foo fighters above the Italian skies

While no one is still able to say with certainty what the foo fighters were, whether Japanese or German secret weapons, signaling rockets, optical phenomena or an unprecedented meteorological phenomenon, a few know that foo fighters' sighting also affected Italy.

In March 1945 he crew of a lightweight Douglas A-20 Havoc “Boston” bomber of the 55th Raf fighter-bomber squadron, based at Forlì, said he was followed from the Alps to the Adriatic by 6 big glowing red globes of light 3 times the Moon.

Boston 55th squadron Raf

A long chase then disappeared

Fearing it could be enemy fighters, the plane did many maneuvers also coming to graze the water to avoid them, until the mysterious lights did not stop, then fade away a few moments later.

Once back to the base, the crew reported that the mysterious balls of light had interfered with the aircraft's instruments. The case was never clarified and it remains one of the most well-known testimonies today of a sighting of foo fighters over Italian skies during the war.

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