Hy Brasil, the ghost island

Hy Brazil: have the coordinates of the ghost island been found?

Where have Hy Brazil, the Lucky Island been, the island which might have affected the denomination of the almost homonymous South American nation (Brazil, the name of which would be officially derived from the exploitation of the trees of Brazilwood, Pau-Brasil in Portuguese) whose national flag is in the center a circle with a canal goes inside which coincides with Hy Brazil's symbol as described on maps of the fourteenth century?

Appeared and disappeared several times over the centuries

The island's name would come back to Breasal, the High King of the world according to Celtic legends, but its position has never been certain. When in 1325 the cartographer of Palma de Mallorca Angelino Dulcert (or Dalorto) placed it for the first time in an official map, put it in the North Atlantic Ocean, facing the west coast of Ireland, but a century later on other maps the Azorean islands were described as “Isles de Brazil” or “Insulla de Brazil” and after 1865 Hy Brasil has occasionally reappeared on some maps, without its position ever being verified.

Hy Brasil, the lucky island with golden towers

Yet the history of the island is consistent: it would be the seat of a rich and advanced civilization and those who said to have visited, as Saint Barrind and Saint Brendan, told of golden towers, complex architectures, animals and plants in abundance, very rich and long-lived citizens. The island would be perpetually wrapped in mist and for this reason it would never be detected, but according to a different version it would be on the seabed and would emerge on the surface only every seven years.Hy Brasil nave irlandese

The story of John Nisbet

One of the most famous visitors to Hy Brazil was captain John Nisbet, from Killybegs. He and his crew in 1674 were west of Ireland, when they ended up in a fog bench, lying on the reefs around the island. Four crewmen dropped to the ground and visited Hy Brazil, spending a whole day and returning aboard with silver and gold donated by an old inhabitant.

Further documented sightings

After the ship returned to Ireland, another vessel sailed along the same course, this time under the command of Alexander Johnson. Even this ship was able to find Hy Brazil and on its return to Ireland confirmed the stories of Captain Nisbet. The last documented sighting of the island took place in 1872, when TJ Westropp and some fellow passengers saw Hy Brazil appear, and then disappeared suddenly.

Geologic trails west of Ireland

Researchers and archaeologists have been searching Hy Brazil for years in the most likely locations west of Ireland, finding shells in shallow water both near Porcupine Bank (a little further northwest of the most likely location of Hy Brazil) both near Rockhall (even further north) which could be testimony of a change of ground masses in that part of the Atlantic Ocean, but didn't fine the Happy Island.

Hy Brasil carta

Is there a link with Rendlesham accident?

Have recently come back to talk about Hy Brasil when following a transmission of History Channel regarding Rendlesham accident of which Fanwave already talked). In the transmission was noted as a US military, sergeant Jim Penniston, would have received a binary code message which he transcribed in 16 pages of his diary, after touching the edge of the UFO seen at the edge of the forest near the air base.

A list of famous coordinates

After translating the code, a few years after the accident, he would find that it indicated a series of coordinates coinciding with those of a number of famous locations, from the Giza pyramid to the Nazca lines; at the beginning and end of this coordinate list there would be those of Hy Brazil. What is the relationship between the mysterious island of Hy Brazil and the Ufo seen at Rendlesham (which for some would not be an alien ship, but a time machine) and above all are the coordinates really those of Hy Brazil? The mystery for now remains dense.

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