Supernatural encounters

Supernatural encounters of the third kind

Raise his hand those who never thought of making love, even just once, with a supernatural being when he/she was a boy/girl.

Since angels, for what we know, do little, you do not have to be a witch for wanting to do it with a demon (or, if you are a man, with a fairy). Even if you are shaking your head and saying: “I never did it”, be aware that the search for "supernatural encounters of the third kind" has been accompanying man since the dawn of his story.

The first to mate with angels and devils

One of the first and of the most compelling descriptions of such encounters between women and demons is in the in Biblical scripture (Genesis 6:1-8) where it is said that “there were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown”.

They would be, as we already said the Nephilim, born from the mating of Irin angels descended (or fallen) on Earth under the lead of Azazel, i.e. of Lucifer. It was not between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries while hunting for witches fornication with the devil was one of the most common crimes "committed" by thousands of presumed witches sentenced to death.


Contradictory testimonies by witches

In “Pagan Portals: Pan”, Melusine Draco cites doctor Hope Robbins according to which “the judges (at witch trials, ed) was insatiable to learn all the possible details as to sexual intercourse, and their industry in pushing the examinations was rewarded by an abundance” of spicy stories, the product of “erotic and neurotic imaginations”. Not that these alleged extensions were necessarily “hot”.

If in 1485 an inquisitor wrote that the devil's dick was “extremely fleshy” and that many witches afterward “remain worn out” for many days, Temperance Floys, condemned as a witch, stated that “the devil's cold body had frequent carnal knowledge of her” and another, Rebecca West, describes Satan's mouth to be “as cold as clay”, while Anna Pappenheimer claimed that Satan's cock was “as cold as a piece of ice”.

Sabba diavolo

How to get the favors of fairies

These confessions were extorted under torture and witness a brutal attempt to repress against women who didn't comply with the misogynic rules of the time. But different texts such as The Book of Oberon (a 16th-century magical text) offer instructions on how to lie in a safe(and pleasant) way with a supernatural feminine being. The magician first has to call forth three fairies (Micoll, Burfex, and Titam) entertaining them with food and drink, then one of them will agree to stay and fulfill all his requests, including in bed.

Then there is the myth of Melusina (now on the logo of Starbucks), being half fairy of water and half-human, daughter of a fairy named Pressina and of a king of Albania; the myth of Lilith, who appeared in the Babylonian Talmud (between the third and first centuries B.C.), in the Gilgamesh Epic and in the Bible who is said to “have fertilized herself with male sperm to create demons”.

And the myth of the vampiric spirit of Yuki-Onna whom Japanese legends say to have sex with men “pleasuring them until they die”; the myth of another vampiric spirit, and with bad habits (infanticides) but also able to change shape “to become a beautiful woman again so that she lures men into isolated places, have sex with them, and then drain them of their blood”.

Goya sabba streghe

Spectrophila, the latest vogue of the stars

There are also artists and VIPs who in recent years have declared to be more than available to dress up with ghosts and supernatural beings in general, as we have already told you about spectrophilia, including the Hollywood star Natasha Blasick, the musician Ke$ha, Anna Nicole Smith (according to whom it was “terrific sex” the one made with a ghost at his home in Texas), Lucy Liu (who has reached orgasm before the ghost goes away) and others.

In conclusion: if you did or dream "close encounters of the third type" with devils, angels, fairies, ghosts, and various supernatural beings, you are not such a rare exception.

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