Glocke the nazi bell

Ancient Aliens: Hitler and the mysterious Glocke

The Glocke it's one of the greatest mysteries of the Second World War, neither History Channel, with its famous “Ancient Aliens” tv series was able to dispel any doubt about it.

Among the secret weapons that Adolf Hitler let develop, there was also a vehicle that might have represented an atomic propellant spacecraft prototype that in subsequent years, recovered and used for military experiments, would be seen by many witnesses helping to spread UFO psychosis?

History Channel and Die Glocke

This vehicle, about which History Channel spoke in the fifth episode of the second season of Ancient Aliens (series of great success since in 2017 eight episodes of the twelfth season were aired, bringing the total to 126 episodes so far transmitted), is known as “Die Glocke” (the bell).

It would have been developed in great secrecy (according to some ufology enthusiasts relying on alien technology) using as a basis the underground complex of the “Projekt Riese” (giant project), made by six underground structures Located in Lower Silesian (at that time part of Germany, now in Poland), near the board with the Czech Republic.

Riese Rzeczka tunnel

The Projekt Riese

In addition to Ksiaz castle, heavily restored with the creation of two underground levels of tunnels, the Riese should have joined the underground complexes of Rzeczka, Włodarz, Osówka, Sokolec, Jugowice, Soboń, and Głuszyca, but by the end of the war just 9 kilometers of tunnels had been excavated and for a smaller part reinforced concrete.

In these tunnels, however, it would take time to develop and test “Die Glocke”, at least according to the Polish journalist Igor Witkowski who has always supported how “Die Glocke” was a super-secret project coordinated by the SS general and war criminal Hans Kammler, a scientific technician already involved in development of the bloody burning oven of Auschwitz -Birkenau, of V-2s and other Hitler's secret weapons.

Sporrenberg hanging

Jakob Sporrenberg's testimony

Witkowski cites about it some pieces of a secret document of the interrogation of Jakob Sporrenberg, in charge of SS at Minsk and Lublin, sentenced to death for war crimes and hanged at Warsaw in 1952.

In it “Die Glocke” was described as a prototype hand made with heavy metal plates, about 2.7 meters wide, between 3.7 and 4.6 meters high, with the shape of a bell. Inside the engine would be constituted by two counter-rotating cylinders filled with a substance named Xerum 525, similar to mercury but purple.

Hans Kammler

The mystery surrounding Hans Kammler's death

During the experiments would be used even other substances like Thorium and Beryllium, all highly radioactive which would have killed most of scientists and technicians involved in the experiments.

Hanged many years ago Sporrenberg and since it has never been possible to interrogate Hans Kammler, who would commit suicide with cyanide in May 1945.

Btw, according to some taken in the last days of the war by American (or Russian) army to secretly collaborate to the development of missile projects, remaining segregated until the time of his true death, wee will never know if what Witkowski reports is true or just the result of his fantasy.

Die Glocke diorama

For sure “Die Glocke”, if it ever existed, fortunately, was not successful in changing the course of World War II nor, unlike other experimental weapons as the Gotha 229, has no more inspired more military vehicles. At least not officially.