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Ufo sightings from ancient Rome to today

June 24, 1947, American businessman and aviator Kenneth Arnold, wnhile With his plane flew over the Mt. Rainer region (near Washington), was attracted by some sudden flashes, just to discover that seemed to be reflections of sunlight on the surface of nine unidentified flying objects (i.e. technically some Ufos) flying in formation, in an “irregolar” way at a very high speed.

Ufo Kenneth Arnold

70 years ago the first Ufo sighting in the Usa

For modern history is the first Ufo sighting ever known in the Usa and for sure since then in these 70 years the number of sightings and of ufology fans grown all over the world also thanks to the tam tam of the press first and then of internet. But history books are full of potential sightings of flying objects that the chroniclers of the time were unable to identify.

The wonders of Giulio Ossequente

Regarding in particular the ancient Rome, in his “De Prodigiis” the Roman historian Giulio Ossequente (lived in IV century after death) tells a series of extraordinary facts, wonders i.e. prodigi in latin language, which occurred in previous centuries in the territories of the Roman empire, referring to stories already narrated by Tito Livio. Three events in particular, between 216 and 90 BC, have drawn the attention of the followers of the theory of the paleo contact.

Ufo antica Roma

Three ancient Ufo sightings

In 216 BC, some objects “similar to ships” were seen “in the sky over Italy”, exactly near Arpi (Puglia), where a “round shield” was seen in the sky, and near Capua (Campania) where were seen “figures like ships”. Just over a century later, in 99 BC, near Tarquinia (Lazio) fell “in different locations, things like flaming torches, coming suddenly from the sky”. Moreover: “at the sunset, an object round like a globe or a circular shield, followed its course in the sky, from west to est”.

Natural phenomena or paleo contact?

Finally in 90 BC at Spoleto (Umbria) a “golden fire globe fell to the ground swirling”, but immediately afterwards “ascended from Earth to the sky” then head east, almost obscuring the sun with its own brightness. Bright objects, that move irregularly and quickly into the sky, sometimes similar to a fleet of flying ships. Are just descriptions of natural phenomena that Roman historians could not yet know or the ancient chronicle of a Ufo sighting similar to Kenneth Arnold's incident?

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