Magical and mysterious portals

Magical and mysterious portals

The door is an ancient supernatural symbol spread all over the world: the false door was a common architectural element in the tombs of Ancient Egypt nobles and dignitaries, representing symbolically the magic portal which allowed the Ka of the deceased to pass from the world of the living to those of the dead and viceversa.

Puerta de Hayu Marka

Doors for spirit and Gods

The Hayu Marca's Gate of the Gods and the Tiwanaku's Gate of the Sun could be, according to some experts, the representation of ancient “stargates”, or simply ritual portals with the function of threshold between the worlds of the living and the dead and through which a deity or the spirit of the deceased could enter and exit.

Even European alchemists made use of magic doors, especially in Rome where Massimiliano Palombara Pietraforte's marquis had to build in his mansion, villa Palombara (now disappeared) an Alchemy Gate (or Ermetic Door, known also as the Heaven's Gate). At that time the villa was located in the countryside east of Rome, on the Esquiline hill, now completely swallowed up by the city, a short distance from the current Piazza Vittoria.

Porta Magica Roma

Rome's magical door

Just in Piazza Vittoria the Magic Gate, dismantled in 1873, was rebuilt in 1888, embedded in the remains of a perimeter wall of the Sant’Eusebio's curch, with two statues of Bes, originally in the Quirinale's gardens, placed next to the door itself.

Legend has it that a “pilgrim” hosted by the Marquis of Pietraforte, who we can identify as the alchemist Francesco Giuseppe Borri, was a night in the villa, searching in its gardens a particular grass able, like the philosopher's Stone, to transmuting common matter into gold. The following morning mysterious pilgrim-alchemist was seen crossing the Alchemy Gate disappearing forever but leaving behind some golden puddles and a parchment full of magic and alchemical symbols.


Alchemical and masonic symbols

Failing to decipher the symbols, Massimiliano Palombara, enthusiastic of alchemy also because of the attendance of queen Cristina of Sweden, in exile in Rome and in turn a cultist of alchemy and science (Having been, among other things, Descartes student), was engraving the symbols on the original five doors (now lost except for the Magic Gate) and on the walls of his mansion, hoping that other “pilgrims” could translate them.

Among the engraved symbols on the Magic Gate rebuilt in Piazza Vittoria is still recognizable today a frieze representing the masonic symbol of the Rosicrucian (the eye contained in a triangle, much like the one printed for centuries on the US dollar), in addition to alchemical symbols of planets associated with metals and precisely: Saturn (lead), Juppiter (pond), Mars (iron), Venus (copper), Moon (silver) and Mercury (mercury).

Falsa porta Egitto

Where no man has gone before

In conclusion: whether it be doors to communicate with other plans of reality, or star gates, magic gates or alchemy doors, for millennia man represents his desire to explore, to “go beyond”, to reach places where no mans has gone before. I wonder if anyone, thanks to these gates, has ever succeeded.

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