Al Ubaid reptilians

Who are Al Ubaid reptilians?

Did ancient aliens live on Earth, influencing the evolution of the human race? No one was able to give a certain answer to this question until now, but for sure archeological artefacts which were found near the ancient mound of Tell Al Ubaid, at the beginnings of the 20th century, strengthened this hypothesis.

Reptilian humanoids in the cradle of mankind

Ubaid culture evolved between 5200 to 3500 BC, i.e. every trace of such civilization had disappeared about 800 years before in Egypt the pharaoh Djoser raised the first pyramid ever built all over the world. What’s astonishing about these very old finds is the discovery of humanoid figurines with reptilian characteristics.

Figurines of both genders were found, some male figures with batons to show their belonging to ruling line, some female figures with nursing infants, most of which seem to show a strange headgear over their head that some experts have speculated being an helmet.

Al Ubaid reptilians

Ancient astronauts of reptilians gods?

Should it be true, could it be the evidence that ancient alien astronauts, maybe Reptilians, created a permanent base on the Earth for over 3 thousand years, deeply influencing mankind and ancient human culture? Archaeologists still can’t give an answer to this question.

Many times ancient populations took a cue from some animal characteristics and created gods representations combining them to human characteristics, as was the case of ancient Egypt, Tell al Ubaid (in the Kirkuk region, a Mesopotamia’s area which is now Iraq) culture is unique, since the figurines depict a whole reptilian population, from the lowest to the dominant classes.

Al Ubaid reptilians bis

Mystery has been lasting for 7000 years

Even the function of the figurines is still not clear: did they represent some ancestors, or a whole pantheon of gods with partly humanoid partly reptilians appearance? Anyway you think about, the Tell Al Ubaid’s mystery as been lasting for 7000 years, and its solution perhaps cause us to rewrite the whole story of mankind from its origins.

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