The Kecksburg incident: UFO or spy satellite?

Crash simulation

It’s been over 50 years, but the Kecksburg incident is still a mystery for anyone interested in UFOs and conspiracies. What is certain is that official truth, at least that of the first time, is just a cover up.

December 9, 1965, at around 16.30, a firewall passed through the atmosphere, from northwest to southeast, over Ontario (Canada), Michigan and Ohio, then crashing near Kecksburg country town, Pennsylvania, at around 16.45.

Kecksburg UFO was not a meteorite

Initially seen as a meteorite, the mysterious Unidentified Flying Object didn’t take too long to attract media attention, since several witnesses who came to the crash, including the police, were sent away by Usaf soldiers within an hour. Military gathered metal debris, loaded onto trucks and taken away,the the site was cleaned up and military leaved by 20.00.

UFO model made of clay

What the Kecksburg Ufo was really, since the argoument it was a natural object, like e meteorite, was dropped soon: maybe a satellite? NASA claimed some years later that it had been asome debris of the Soviet satellite Kosmos 96, that, earlier that day, failed to go into orbit, going down. Unfortunately, as remembered in an episode of “NASA’s Unexplained Files” second season, Kosmos 96 crashed about 13 hours before (as a report of the US Space Command concluded in 1991).

Many questions remain

In October 2007 a lawsuit pursued by journalist Leslie Kean since 2005 was finally approved by Washington federal court and NASA had to allow Kean to review relevant documents. When the investigation was completed Kean stated to have found no “smoking gun” about Kecksburg UFO, but many questions remained and unresolved contradictions were raised, particularly since meanwhile some of the evidence was had been destroyed or lost, at least officially.

The possibility that Kecksburg UFO was a satellite, however, may be right, but the country wrong: the fact that was an American spy satellite worth the secret, especially if it contained radioactive material, altough it’s not clear why over 50 years later authorities still deny to know the identity of the object crashed.

The American spy satellite theory

Recently two researchers, John Ventre and Owen Eichler, decleared to have identified the mysterious Kecksburg UFO: it would have been a General Electric Mark 2 ee-entry vehicle that should have been used by Usaf as a spy satellite but failed to go into orbit and went down.

Ventre stated to believe spy satellite theory to be credible, despite some witnesses declared to have seen a glimpse of the debris of Kecksburg UFO in a hangar at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio and to have seen an arm with lizard-like skin hanging down a gurney, near it.

Nazi UFO crashed near Kecksburg?

Finally, there is someone who speculated that Kecksburg UFO might have been a Nazi flying saucer called “Die Glocke” (the bell) that would have the ability to travel in time and that was used by General Hans Klammer, in charge of the V-2 missile and jet program, to escape in the last days of the Second World War.

Therefore, there is no definitive explanation and mystery around Kecksburg UFO will remain, also because since 50 years none of the debris recovered was ever shown. Do they still exist, maybe hidden in some military base, or were they destroyed? And was it a kind of human or alien technology? Probably we’ll never know.


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