In Valcamonica there are evidences of a Paleo-contact

In Valcamonica there are evidence of a Paleo-Contact

Those who don’t believe in the existence of other extraterrestrial species often cite the Fermi Paradox: where is everybody? But, other than that there is no evidence that famous Italian physicist has ever, really made such a paradox, maybe the explanation is that the contact already happened, as seem to indicate some ancient Valcamonica’s pictograms and some mysterious elements of our DNA.

Alien genes in the human DNA

Some scientists working at the Human Genome Project discovered that 145 of DNA’s gens, the presence of which would normally be possible through the “horizontal gene transfer” (HGT), have a not-human nature.

As explained by the group leader Professor Sam Chang, the majority of non-coding DNA sequence (or “junk DNA”) seems to have been created by “some kind of extraterrestrial programmer”.

In Valcamonica there are evidence of a Paleo-Contact

Chang publicly declared that “our hypothesis is that a higher extraterrestrial life form was engaged in creating a new life and planting it on various planets” and that Earth could just be one of these “experiments” for reasons that we can’t yet know.

We can only speculate that at some point the “extraterrestrial programmers” have cut down every other development and delivered basic code on Earth.

We are the aliens?

But how have occurred extraterrestrial genes in human DNA? If you exclude contamination due to the presence of alien viruses in orbit around the Earth, the only other chance would seem to be that of direct contacts, happened tens (or hundreds) of thousands of years ago, that would have given origin to the genetic engineering experiment on our planet.

In Valcamonica there are evidence of a Paleo-Contact

Precisely in Italy, in Valcamonica, there would be evidence of some of these contacts between humans and ancient alien astronauts.

Among the petroglyphs of Ceto (Brescia), dating back to Neolithic, some seem to represent ancient astronauts, at least according to Professor Aleksandr Kasanzev. The genetic experiments would then be developed on a large scale.

Valcamonica petroglyphs

Evidence to support this theory would be other petroglyphs discovered over the years in various parts of the world, from Africa to Australia, from France to Mesoamerica and Andes.

Also in Valcamonica, in Capo di Ponte, near Ceto, in addition to 40,000 petroglyphs (in Valcamonica there are over 140,00 petroglyphs) have been discovered some strange channels of artificial origin carved on the surface of the rocks.

In Valcamonica there are evidence of a Paleo-Contact

These channels, that would have been used in rites of fertility, are mostly associated with astral symbols, carved at the top or on the basis of the channels, representing ancient constellations.

Life, or one of its hybridization, really came from the stars in the ancient Valcamonica, carried by ancient alien astronauts?

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