Phoenix lights, one of the most famous UFOs sighting

Phoenix lights, one of the most famous Ufo’s sighting

Phoenix Lights are probably the most famous UFOs sighting of these last 20 years. To date, there is no evidence of what were the mysterious lights were seen by about 10 thousand people in Phoenix, Arizona, at 8.30 pm and Sonora, Mexico, around 10.30 pm, March 13, 1997.


Phoenix Lights, The first sighting 

The first claims report of six spherical, flashing, lights, in a triangle formation, “V” shaped, without the typical aviation engine noise, seen over Prescott at around 8.15 pm, then on Phoenix at 8.30 pm, at the end over Tucson at 8.45 pm.

This first UFO, whatever it was, was flying apparently at high-altitude and, given that Tucson is 183 miles away from Prescott, the flying object had to be moving at a rate of approximately 360 miles per hour, lower than cruising speed of a jet plane (between 400 and 600 miles per hour).

Phoenix lights, one of the most famous Ufo’s sighting

The object, because of the low speed and high-altitude, seemed to move very slowly in the sky, but few pictures (at times there were no smartphones with a camera that we all have in our pockets now) and even less footage were taken. Indeed just a video, taken when the mysterious lights were almost vertically over the witness, circulated on the web for years. That’s why you can’t not any city lights, but only the dark sky.

Some skeptics talked about planes, but apart from the low-speed rate and the lack of aviation engine noise, for what reason some planes should have maintained a “V” shaped formation for such a long flight?

One of the witnesses of the event was the Arizona Governor, John Fife Symington, who initially ridiculed the idea that would be an alien UFO, but who a few years later changed his mind admitting that it could be an alien technology flying object, specifying: “I’m a pilot and former Air Force Officer and I know just about every machine that flies”, the Phoenix’s UFO “was bigger than anything that I’ve ever seen.”

The second sighting over Sonora

Sonora Lights acted differently, staying in floating formation for several minutes, before they disappeared behind mountains. According to the US Air Force, these would be “flares” of the LUU-2B/B type (particular countermeasures similar to torches, used to fool heat-seeking missiles) which would have been thrown by four A-10 military jets on a training exercise at the Barry Goldwater Range at Luke Air Force Base.

Lt colonel Ed Jones, a Maryland Air National Guard pilot, in 2007 confirmed this version, but again the former Governor Symington replied: “it couldn’t have been high-altitude flares because flares don’t fly in formation.” Symington added that he had contacted military authorities at that time to get more information about the event, but he never received a reply.

The answer should appear in the radar records retained by FAA in Albuquerque, but it retain tapes just for 11 days before it destroys if they are not being requested for some investigations. Then the mystery of Phoenix Lights and Sonora Lights is likely to remain so.

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