Bohemian Grove’s mysteries

Bohemian Grove

Often cited as one of the more influential secret societies in the world, the Bohemian Club, men’s art club fonded in 1892 at San Francisco as a secret art society, every year gathers from half to end July in the Bohemian Grove.

The "Bohemian Grove" is a century-old spruce forest located at 20601 Bohemian Avenue, at Monte Rio (about 120 km away from San Francisco). Here an “artistic festival”, whose guests are invariably some of the most powerful men of the planet, is host every year.

Bohemian Grove, only for “initiated” forest

The Bushes, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, Colim Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Shimon Peres, Al Gore, Newt Gingrich and Lawrence Summers, but even the lead singer of U2, Bono Vox and the former Californian Governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger are just some of the Bohemian Club members that in these years attended the meeting (two-week, three-weekend long).

Highlight of the “festival” is the usual ceremony of the Cremation of Cares, during which a funeral procession, to which can attend only the members of the club, carries a black skeleton, of wood, dressed as a woman (the cares) in a coffin, up to the Owl Shrine, a statue 9 meters tall representing a stylized owl.

Bohemian Grove

Forbidden rites and snuff movies

There a hooded “high priest” opens the coffin, puts the wooden dummy on the shrine and lights it on fire. The location in origin was inhabited from the native Americans of the Pomo people, who adored a “death path” along which were taken place divinatory rites and cremations and is now an item of interest from followers of pagan and satanic rites.

Those people think that the Bohemian Grove is at the intersection of two esoteric lines along which would be possible to evoke demoniac strengths and so powerful satanic energies to allow the control of the whole planet.

Bohemian Grove

Protests and infiltrations

These rumors, what is certain is that around the Bohemian Grove every year hundreds of police officers keep out the curious and the protesters belonging to the Bohemian Grove Action Network which for 25 years demonstrate against this event to which have succeeded in the years to assist also a few extraneous.

This was the case of journalist Philip Weiss, in 1989, of the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones (in 2000) and of activist Chris Jones (in 2005), who stole the list of the participants. These testimonies ended subsequently to feed the mystery around the real purposes of the Bohemian Club and the practices that would take place in the wood,

Bohemian Grove

The Phantom Patriot in the Bohemian Grove

But the most striking case of infiltration regards Richard McCaslin, also known as the Phantom Patriot. McCaslin in 2002 entered the Bohemian Grove armed with a pump-action/shotgun hybrid, a 45 caliber handgun, a crossbow, a 2-foot-long sword, a knife, and a fireworks mortar tube.

After snuck into the woods the Phantom Patriot sleep one night in a cabin, found the next day the owl statue, set a fire in the banquet hall (empty, since the incident took place on January 19) encountered caretaker (Fred Yeager) and a maintenance man (Bob Hipkiss) and then surrendered without any resistance to police, rushed to the place, to be finally jailed for six years before being paroled on 19 May 2008.

Bohemian Grove

One month later the “patriot” protested outside the Alcoa plant in Davenport, where President Barack Obama was speaking, accusing him, the Bushes and the Clintons to be reptoid/human hybrids. But this, as they say, is another story, certainly no less mysterious than the Bohemian Club and its seal.

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