UFOs: hypnosis therapy to treat the missing time

UFOs: hypnosis therapy to treat the missing time

Thousands, maybe millions of people may have been victims of alien abductions without their knowledge? It is possible according to those who investigate on the “missing time” phenomenon, ie on the gaps in the memories of people who claim to have experienced close encounters with UFOs or to have been abducted by extraterrestrial biological entities. The first case of “missing time” tied up to an alien abduction of the modern era was that of the Hills, in 1961, but also 15 years later, at Eagle Lake, where four students of the Massachussets College of Art, Jack and Jim Weiner, Charlie Foltz and Chuck Rak, on a nightime fishing, experiment a similar phenomenon.

UFOs: Eagle Lake abduction

The four that night turn on a fire to find again more easily the base camp, then they take the canoe and go fishing, but after a while they see a luminous sphere flying over the trees about 200 meters from them, constantly changing color. To To try to understand what it was Charlie Forlz signal with a stack their presence and the Ufo immediately approached them. As the guys try to get away rowing as fast as they could, in a few moments the Ufo, the approximate dimensions of 80 meters, is above them, ready to swallow them.

UFOs: hypnosis therapy to treat the missing time
Photo was taken 17 years after their abduction from the left Jack & Jim Weiner, Charlie Foltz and Chuck Rak

Suddenly the boys find themselves on the lakesore, while the UFO pulled away rapidly in the Allagash sky. The fire of the base camp was in ashes and that indicated that they had to be passed at least 2 hours, of which the four friends had no recollection. As with the Hills, even the four boys began to have nightmares in which beings with long necks and large heads approached and examined them.

Even the four studs, as already the Hills, were convinced finally to resort to regressive hypnosis sessions during which memories of being kidnapped all four and subjected to a series of clinical tests, with withdrawals of samples of skin and body fluids. Subsequent medical and psychiatric exams declare the four friends of healthy mind. The regressive hypnosis is therefore one of the possible methods to remove the mnemonic block that gives rise to the “missing time” phenomenon?

Missing time, Betty Andreasson case

Further confirmation comes from an event recorders years earlier in South Ashburnahm, starring Betty Andreasson. Betty apparently suffers an alien abduction January 25, 1967 and is subjected to certain medical tests and a mental test, before being taken home. Only 10 years after Betty undergoes hypnosis therapy to recover more precise memories of that terrible experience. She discovers that she was not abducted to undergo an implant, but the aliens have removed a device implanted to her in the Forties, whose memory had been buried for decades in her subconscious.

UFOs: hypnosis therapy to treat the missing time
Betty Andreasson during a regression hypnosis session

The Hills, the four friends camping at Allagash, Betty Andreasson: in all these cases the ozone therapy has been able to bring back memories seemingly erased. But how could be the victims of alien abductions still totally unaware of such an incident and that resorting to such therapies could retrieve important information on alien activity on Earth seems impossible to know.

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