UFOs: six Us presidents knew the secret

UFOs and US presidents

Hillary Clinton promised repeatedly [link] that she wants “to open the files as much as we can” about the UFOs, unless there is not “some huge national security thing” to prevent you from making them public.

But what the former first lady promises, at least six other presidents have already got to know, and no one of them has ever revealed anything at all.

Truman was the first president to know about the Ufos

Harry Truman was president of the United States when in 1947 1947 Kenneth Arnold, a private pilot who was flying to Yakima, Washington, saw flying saucers.

He was still president a few month later when the Roswell incident occurred, as well as in 1952 when air traffic controller Ed Nugent raised an alarm having noticed on his radar screen some UFOs directed above Washington.

In this latest case Truman was so shaken up to call the head of Project Blue Book to have informations about, giving then the order to Air Force pilots to fire and shoot down immediately every UFO which they had contact with.

Dwight Eisenhower signed an alien pact

It was 1953 and president Dwight Eisenhower was at Palm Spring: suddenly no one was able to find him and they feared the worst. The next day he reappeared in public and an aide declared that he had needed an emergency dental surgery.

Btw some insiders told a different story , explaining that the president had rushed secretly to Muroc Air Force Base (now Edwards Air Force Base) where he signed a treaty with a hostile alien power that allowed the aliens to kidnap a number of US citizens.

According to journalist Gordon Duff, who said to have seen classified documents that outlined the agreement, other government of the planet have signed similar agreements.

John F. Kennedy feared the worse

In the middle of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, John F. Kennedy feared that an UFO over the USSR might be mistaken for an US missile, something that would have been able to trigger a nuclear war.

That’s why he dictated a memo ordering that the Us prepare to share informations about UFOs with the USSR, to prevent an atomic apocalypse.

The president was shot dead in Dallas just 10 days later: a simple coincidence or trying to reveal the secrets of the CIA and the USAF regarding the UFOs was a fatal misstep for the president?

Richard Nixon revealed the secret to a friend

Richard Nixon was a close friend of actor Jackie Gleason, with whom played often golf and spoke about UFOs (topic that impassioned both), and of his wife Beverly. She revealed as a day in 1973 Nixon drove Gleason to Homestead Air Force Base, in Florida.

Here, in a heavily guarded building, the president showed to the friend in an inner room what appeared at first sight to be abused children.

On closer inspection Gleason understood that they were not children, better they were not human. Nixon perhaps had a load off his mind, but Gleason felt very upset since then.

Jimmy Carter bursted to cry

Already when Jimmy Carter was running for governor of Georgia told to have seeen a bright UFO floating in the sky. Later he promised that if elected he would have revealed how much the Usa known about it.

His request to CIA, then directed by George Bush Sr (subsequently vicepresident with Ronald Reagan and finally president himself, i.e. the sixth president to know the truth) was denied. Carter insisted untill Bush gave way, leaving that Carter was told the full truth.

Carter was seen lately sobbing silently with his head in his hands, while he was reading the secret files, which remained secret because the president gave up making them public.

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