UFOs: mass sighting on Florence

UFOs on Florence

You say “Ufo sightings” and it comes spontaneously to think about the United States or Russia or to Great Britain. But even in Italy took place over the years important sightings, which remain still a mystery.

1954: Fiorentina-Pistoiese suspended because of ufos

Perhaps the more glaring case occurred October 27, 1954, above the football stadium Comunale in Florence.

It was disputing the match Fiorentina-Pistoiese of the Cadets Championship (suppressed in 1962), a one-way match since for the Fiorentina were playing 8 out of 11 players who would have won the title of Championship A Series 1955/1956, while the Pistoiese played in fourth division, nevertheless the match enshrined forever in the memories of around 10,000 spectators.

UFOs on Florence

Ufos fleet was flying over the playground

During the second half, from around 14.20, people began to bluster not for the match but for something that was flying over the playground. Ufos fleet (newspapers wrote that it dealt with 15-20 flying saucers) of different shapes remained for many minutes suspended above the stadium.

Suddenly from the vehicles, it began to fall a rain of silvered filaments, that into contact with the hands dissolved. A fragment, that an engineering student present at the stadium, Alfredo Jacopozzi, succeeded in preserving and in making it analyzed, revealed to contain Boron, Silicon, Calcium, and Magnesium.

UFOs on Florence

The mysterious angel's hairs

Soon the filaments covered the playground and the match had to be interrupted. In the following days, the Italian and foreign press described broadly the event but the skeptics tried soon to get off what happened.

At first, they sustained they could be filaments produced by “flying spiders”, or that it could have been a military exercise that foresaw the release of “chaffs”, i.e small aluminum filaments dispersed in the air to deceive the radars. Except that none of these two theories is standing.

UFOs on Florence

The explanations don't explain anything at all

As for the spiders, first of all, in nature does not seem to exist “flying spiders”, moreover the spider-silk contains Calcium, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen, i.e. elements totally different from those discovered in the sample of the “angel's hairs”.

As for the hypothesis of a military exercise to the use of chaffs, such exercises always been taken or over the sea, or in military shooting ranges, or near military bases and surely the football stadium Comunale in Florence didn’t fall within any of these cases, being far both to the sea, both from shooting ranges and from military bases.

The nearest bases in Tuscany, in fact, are in Livorno, Pisa, Talamone and in Poggio Ballone. In short: the mystery related to the mass ufo sightings over Florence of October 27, 1954, withstands even after 60 years.

UFOs on Florence

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