How to discover if your child is a medium

Baby medium

If you too have a child or a daughter, you can understand. Every time that for some reason a child says you talk in an odd way to our son, your blood froze.

A son may seem “odd” even to his parent since he was a child, especially if he starts to avoid the noisy company of his little nursery school classmates, spending sometimes hours together with some imaginary friends or remaining to fix the void, as if he was able to see or hear things that we could not hear.

Looking for warning signs

Then, one day, the confirmation will arrive: the child shows medium skills. Over time, he will learn how to refine them and hide them from others, since to be too much “different” doesn’t help.

But how can you realize if also your child has cognitive abilities above average? To be true, the experts say, it probably concerns a hereditary line, if not genetic, therefore you could have other examples in your family.

As not everyone as a child shows this “gift”, as some define it, so clearly here are some signals that we have learned to be a symptom of these abilities.

Young mediums with IMAGINARY FRIENDS

Children rarely distinguish between what is real and what is paranormal, if the ghost of another child drew near to your child as to begin to play with him, he could think that is real, while you would think that he deals with an imaginary friend.

Ask him some details like the clothing or the age of these friends.

VIVID DREAMS and extra-dimensional contacts

According to some people, those who have particularly vivid dreams come into contact with other dimensions, that can leave a trace in the human subconscious.

If the dreams of your child are always very rich in detail and imagination, they could be a revealing signal of his/her superior cognitive abilities.

A GREAT INTUIT can be a clue

Your child could notice details that initially seem few important for then to often reveal fundamental.

Children with a great intuition have cognitive abilities above the average and they can come into contact with emotions and feelings that others don’t even perceive.

Baby medium

A strong empathic CHARGE

An empathic child, i.e. with the ability to share other people’s emotions feeling them as proper, is very sensitive to the needs of the elderly, alone or sick people, animals and, of course, possible ghosts.

Empathic children can also feel the pain or indisposition of their neighbors as their own and make it their own, have the tendency to turn them on themselves and not to do too much group with others, tightening close relationships with a small number of friends and relatives.


If your son succeeds in always knowing where found lost or forgotten objects are, if he warns the presence of people around himself, for instance, forewarning the arrival of a visit, this could be a sign of good medium skills.


Also, physical feelings like a sense of nausea or whistles to the ear are signals of possible mediumistic abilities, being a form of reaction to the presence of spirits or other paranormal demonstrations.


As has been stated, our child growing tries to hold secret his “gift” more and more. It is a common reaction, especially during adolescence, when to be approved from the group is important and to appear too much “different” it is something that the greatest part of boys and girls try to avoid at any cost.

other MEDIUMS in your FAMILY story

Try to discover if others in your family have ever had the “gift”: a grandmother that knew in advance when she was about to receive a visit, a grandfather that dreamt relatives and friends on the verge of death a few days before having news of it, are signs that compete to confirm that your child or your daughter can be the next medium of your family.

Baby medium

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