Michael Salla: is there a mining facility on the Moon?

Alien bases - Moon

Michael Salla, ufologist and past assistant professor at the Center for Global Peace of American University as well as inventor of the term “esopolitics”, used, in the theory of the plot on the Ufo, to point out a presumed hidden extraterrestrials interference on the events of the world politics, with the purpose to check and to manipulate the fate of the menkind, returns to make to speak of himself.

Is there an alien military base on the Moon?

According to his last declarations there would be a reason if from decades no one has been anymore on the Moon: because for years on the surface of the Moon would have been active an alien military base, with high odds that an extraterrestrial regime is operating on the Moon in collaboration with the human troops.

Alien bases - Moon

To support of these and other claims the Chinese authorities have spread a photo of what seems to be an artificial plant on the lunar surface, a confirmation of the suspicions that for years secret activities are going on on the Moon and that China can have come into contact with alien visitors. The high resolution images would have been taken from the Chang'e-2 probe launched in October 2010 and remained in low (100 km of height) orbit around the Moon untill June 2011.

Chinese images revealed the secret

Other images still to spread would show a nuclear impact crater and building debris, like Nasa or other involved spatial agencies have wanted to try to cancel every trace of what could have been a plant of mining extraction, developed in accord with an alien civilization, which would explain the reason for so much secretiveness. Such alliance could not be kept secret for a long time, of course, unless it concerns all the main world governments.

Voices of an alien plant located on the dark side of the Moon have been circulating for years, one of the most famous were brought by Milton Cooper, a former Naval Intelligence Officer who explained as such mining complex had been seen and shooted by the astronauts of the Apollo missions, and as its main objective was to mine the Moon to the search of certain materials. The plant wich now seems to appear in the images of the Chinese probe, if they will be confirmed as authentic, is it perhaps what still remain of such complex? In this case did China already know its existence or it had been kept in the dark over it?

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