Does Guantanamo hide an underwater alien base?


Is it possible that the Us military bases are used to hide intense alien activity on Earth? Based on increasingly numerous witnesses, referring to events that occurred over the past decades, the hypothesis seems plausible, as alien conspiracy theorists have always sustained.

After “historical” cases such as the Dulce Base or the Redlesham Forest incident of which in recent months Colonel Halt was back to talk about, Mutual Ufo Network (Mufon) reported a possible underwater alien base near Guantanamo naval base in Cuba.

The Mufon's Case 74794

It’s the Case 74794, based on the testimony of a former Marine who decided to remain anonymous and who served at the base between 1968 and 1969. “All of us Marines were amazed at the amount of Ufo activity over and around this base” explained the former soldier adding that “virtually every night UFOs were flying overhead with altitudes of less than 300 feet” (i.e. about 100 meters).


According to the witness, while guarding the fence line of the base of the south side, he spotted several times extraterrestrial vehicles, some of which were similar “a big beautiful cloud with a blue and white pulsating light”.

Other, that at first sight were approximately 50-100 feet across (about 15-30 meters), would have seemed like “a dull, hazy hull with a small red light trailing behind it”. The witness also added that he had seen several times Ufos “landing and taking off out of the ocean”.

Many Ufo were seen near Guantanamo

Once, in particular, after a UFO had broken the silence with a deafening noise, the sergeant of the guard at the observation tower ordered all Marine present to come back in the barracks, at a safe distance.

A few minutes later intelligence officers came with a film crew that filmed the Ufo hovering for about three hours over the base, before disappearing to the west.


Based on the memories of his live observations the witness said he was convinced that there could be an alien submarine base at Guantanamo Bay.

Dulce Base, Rendlesham Forest, Guantanamo Bay: if the evidence emerged will find official confirmation, would be evidence that, if not a conspiracy, at least a “non-aggression” agreement between the US government and one or more alien races has actually been achieved in past decades and it has been kept “top secret”: who knows whether the same sort of agreement was reached, just as secretly, from other world governments?

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