Ancient tunnel between Calabria and Sicily: what is the truth

Tunnel between Calabria and Sicily

Can an archaeological news become a meme that can be talked over the world? Yes of course, if it is a work of engineering of the ancient Roman Empire, remained hidden for more than 2,200 years old, a mysterious tunnel along several kilometers capable of connecting Calabria and Sicily passing under the Mediterranean Sea at the Strait of Messina.

A 2,000 years old underwater tunnel

A work whose constructive difficulty even today would be so high, that seems almost unthinkable it may have been built by the however famous Roman engineers in ancient times, unless you think of some technology gone lost, perhaps the result of a mysterious civilization more ancient than the Roman Empire, as it might have been that of Atlantis. Or you postulate a meeting with ancient alien builders, who could have instructed Roman engineers and workers so as to realize this secret passageway, one meter and a half wide, more than 3 km long and equipped of underground rooms at regular distances.

A secret passage between Calabria and Sicily

A secret passage that would have had a purely military purpose, allowing the Roman legions to arrive in Sicily, without being seen, at the time of the Punic Wars, between 264 and 241 BC. If confirmed, this discovery would be able to reverse much of our historical knowledge of that period, throwing many doubts about what ancient technology might be coming up to the Romans and by whom. It’s a shame that some details of this sensational news that for some days circulated on many Italian media, are not right.

Something is not right

First of all, if you surf the web you’ll discover that the news circulating on the net for several years: how is it that both never followed an official announcement by the authorities, or even a campaign of archaeological excavations? Even the photos shown in many articles published on the web and relayed by radio, newspapers and television stations are always the same, although the articles relate to tunnel supposed discovered in different countries in Europe. The experts interviewed also seem the same and you can not find any information on them or on universities or ministries which they should work for.

Hoax to hide the truth?

At the end even the sites and the speleologists groups who should be the first discoverers of this incredible military work of the ancient Rome, that will remind many underground tunnels that is stated run underneath the ground linking some of the most important European locations, deny any involvement with the affair. So in the end the suspect is that can be just a hoax which periodically emerges from the web always finding journalist quite careless willing to relaunch this one as if it was authentic. Unless someone wants to deliberately conceal the truth under a veil of blatant lies: what do you think?

Tunnel between Calabria and Sicily

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