Ghosts in Milan: the lady in black

Ghosts in Milan: the lady in black

By day Milan is the capital of Italian fashion and economy, is the city that revolves around work, whose rhythms mark the ones of the day.

But by night Milan changes appearance, the greyness of its buildings, especially in the dark and sometimes misty winter evenings, makes the city an ideal setting for ghost stories.

Milan and the legend of Sempione Park's lady

One of the most famous legends is that of the Sempione Park's lady: in the nineteenth century began to circulate the rumor of a lady in black and veiled, often appeared at the Sempione Park at the corner of Paleocapa street, each time announced by a violet fragrance.

Tall and elegant, her face concealed by a dark veil studded with gems, the lady was used to give a gloved and cold hand from time to time in a different young man.

Ghosts in Milan: the lady in black

After walking with him for a long time in the Sempione Park, she ultimately led him to an elegant villa, furnished with curtains and black velvet carpets, completely deserted.

The dark lady can be a very dangerous lover

Here the lady was crazy to love her occasional lover, who after having danced to the sound of mysterious music followed her to her room, with a huge four-poster bed. Here the lady begins to undress, but if the young lover tried to discover the face of the mysterious lady, discovered that had the appearance of a skull and then fled in terror.

Those who had sex with the mysterious lady without removing the veil and then falling asleep at her side, the next morning wake up alone in the park and treasured forever the desire to be able to find, in some cases up to go crazy.

The mysterious villa was never found

Several huntings of the mysterious villa in Sempione Park was made, but it was never found. Legend, paranormal, Ufo disguised as a nineteenth-century ghost?

Certainly, that of Sempione Park's lady is one of the best-known ghosts stories of Milan. Who know if it hold some true.

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