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Abandoned by Disney

...  wild animals have grown to awe like a python over 20 meters, scary animatronic puppets still active after decades, maybe even zombies. Abandoned by Disney is just a creepypasta? The truth is that, at lea ...

A scary trip underground

Somewhere undefined in the former East Germany there is a forest in which the parents do not allow their children to pass through, due to some pipes sprouting from the ground like periscopes.

Abandoned by Disney

We all know Disney Co. for being Mickey Mouse "mum", besides its famous theme parks, but according to a famous legend circulating on the web, the American company would be responsible for at least a really ...

Suicidemouse.avi: a bloody Mickey Mouse video?

A urban legend circulates for a long time among fans of Mickye Mouse toons of 1930s: there would be a re-mastered copy of a never published video. It would be a continuous loop of Mickey Mouse walking ...