Red and the Rainbow Bridge

The legend of the Rainbow Bridge

If there is something after death, and it is, no living being can say. Especially this is true for our animal friends: we don't know if we will find them again one day, but we strongly hope so.…

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Tutankhamun head stolen or not?

Tutankhamun, an auction that makes people talk

It is not easy to see on the world antiquarian market a large find from the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt. So when the famous British auction house Christie’s beat at auction for 4.7 million pou…

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Roswell cover

Roswell, a truth kept long hidden

It was the night between 3 and 4 July 1947 when something crashed in the desert of New Mexico 120 km from the then-unknown town of Roswell. {loadposition articolo} The most famous case of “UFO i…

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