ancient nuclear craters

Craters testify ancient nuclear war on Earth

Is it possible that before the official history that we all study, did human civilizations exist so advanced that they discovered the use of atomic energy?

Many Indian texts seem to indicate this, the Russian expert Muldashev is sure, but so far there was no evidence on the field for the existence of ancient advanced civilizations long before the birth of the Sumerian or Egyptian kingdoms.

A revolutionary discovery

Recently however, according to some Russian information websites, a group of French andNASA's researchers would conduct a joint exploration of the earth based on photos taken from space. The conclusion that scientists have come to could revolutionize the way we think history has gone, indeed human prehistory.

Scientists would have discovered about 100 huge craters due to the explosion of nuclear bombs around the planet. Since the only two atomic bombs used in war during the history were those launched in 1945 on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, these craters, according to the Russian websites that reported the news, would be the traces of a destructive ancient world war.

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Traces of an ancient atomic war

A war that would have happened tens of thousands of years ago, almost completely erasing humanity and bringing the survivors back to a primitive condition from which the civilizations we all know were slowly re-emerged.

In addition to the craters, scientists would find many underground cavities that could be what remains of ancient underground shelters. Some of these shelters, in particular, would be in Russia, in the Kola Peninsula, in the Ural Mountains, Siberia and Yakutia.

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One detail that still does not fit

The reported hypothesis is fascinating, or disturbing if you prefer, but at least there is a small detail that does not fit. NASA actually announced joint research with a team of French researchers in the sphere of planetary science, but this agreement concerns the study of other heavenly bodies such as the Moon, Mercury or the asteroids Ceres and Vesta, under the NASA program Sservi.

Nothing has so far been leaked about a research that concerned the observation of the Earth, much less the finding of presumed craters due to nuclear explosions (that were not the sites already known for example in Nevada, following atomic tests). The mystery therefore remains: if any of readers has more information about it we will be happy to share them in a subsequent article.

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