Area 51, oversized load transport mistery revealed

Area 51, oversized load transport mistery revealed
Alleged UFO photographed March 6, 2016 (Source: Charlene Yazzie)

Do you remember the mysterious footage of an oversized load transport that in March 21, 2015 was made by a driver on a service station near Area 51, in Nevada (you can see also on Fanwave: link)? Well, the ufologist Scott Waring must be impressed because these days he returned to show an image of an oversized load transport very similar taken March 6, 2016 in Arizona by Charlene Yazzie, arguing that it could be arguing that it could be the testimony of some alien technology “gifted” to the Usaf, which would decided to carry it out from the S4 (which is part of Area 51).

Is it really possible that an alien vehicle, or at least some extraterrestrial technology, has been donated to the Us government only to be shooted several times by passing drivers, by day and by night? It seemed to Fanwave that, more than a Ufo, this could be some military technology, perhaps a drone as the X-47B with folded wings. Someone suggested an alternative: it could be an insignia Ufo shaped for some dinner of the region. Well, it seems that we were right, at least for the movie that we showed at the time.

Area 51, oversized load transport mistery revealed
Alleged UFO caught March 21, 2015

The transportation of the drones produced by Northrop Grumman does not even appear to be such a rare event to tell the truth: a first transport of this kind took place in December 2011 from the Northrop Grumman facilities in California to Naval Air Station Patuxent River, in Maryland (as also confirmed a spokesman of the same Northrop Grumman) and she was shooted while crossing Kansas. A second wehicle was shooted while being transported near Pesotum, Illinois. Also in this case it was confirmed that it was one of the X-47B.

If you compare the pictures and movies already known with the last picture reported by Scott Waring, you will notice that the shape of the “mysterious” vehicle is the same and only change the truck that transports it. So it is not a Ufo nor a large ensign, but a drone, or rather an unmanned combat aircraft veichle or “UCAV”, that since a couple of years as well as ground testing has also made a series of sea trials aboard the Us nuclear aircraft carriers Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) and George H. Bush (CVN-77).

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