vibrator, history of its success

Vibrator: what they never told you

Do you know what was the ninth home appliance to be launched on the market, in history? It was not the vacuum cleaner, which was launched nine years later, nor the iron that followed the follow…

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Apocalypse 2025

Apocalypse: alien demons will hit in 2025

According to the theory of a group of Christian fundamentalists, in particular, alien "demons" will come down to earth to put an end to humanity when Virgo constellation will appear in the sky a…

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royal weddings

Royal weddings, find out differences!

Royal weddings fascinate millions of people around the world. The British Royals know this very well, and as is also demonstrated by Harry and Kate wedding are able to turn these events into rea…

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Tutankhamon tomb Nefertiti

Does Tutankhamon's tomb hide Nefertiti's grave?

After more than 33 centuries from his death, mysteris around the man the ancient Egyptian called Neb-Kheperu-Ra but today all of us call Tutankhamon never cease to impress. Twelfth pharaoh of th…

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khufu iron throne pyramid mystery

Iron throne, last secret of the Khufu Pyramid?

Better than Game of Thrones: a real iron throne would already have been done in ancient Egypt, perhaps exploiting the metal fallen from the sky with a meteorite. {loadposition articolo}

Khufu py…

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world conspiracy theory

Let's talk world conspiracy theory

The basic idea: the whole world is managed by a small group of people (who maybe are not even human but alien). This theory, called world conspiracy, gives these individuals full control over al…

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Pentagon ufos identification program

UFOs: Pentagon admits identification program

The US Army believes in UFOs, so much that from 2007 to 2012 the Defence, as revealed a New York Times's article,  funded a secret program to investigate the unidentified flying objects wit…

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