How many human beings can sustain the planet earth?

How many human beings can sustain planet earth?

Do you know how many we are on planet earth at the moment? Over 7.7 billion and the number tends to increase at the rate of about 75 thousand human beings every day, as a balance between newbor…

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Red and the Rainbow Bridge

The legend of the Rainbow Bridge

If there is something after death, and it is, no living being can say. Especially this is true for our animal friends: we don't know if we will find them again one day, but we strongly hope so.…

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UFOs at El Paso

UFO crashes near El Paso

December 26th 2018 an unidentified flying object (UFO) would have crashed near Ciudad Juarez, in Mexico, not far from the border with El Paso, Texas. At that point the Us Army would se…

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Tutankhamun head stolen or not?

Tutankhamun, an auction that makes people talk

It is not easy to see on the world antiquarian market a large find from the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt. So when the famous British auction house Christie’s beat at auction for 4.7 million pou…

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