Htiler's train

What happened to Hitler's train?

At the end of the 1930s, Adolf Hitler ordered the building of a real railwayl fortress: the “Fuhrersonderzug”, i.e. a special train.

Originally named “Erika” (but according to some other sources the code name was “Amerika”), it was able to protect him when he was travelling and to serve as safe bunker when Hitler was nearing fronlines to meet his generals and lead German Army's operations.

Hitler's special train

The Fuhrersonderzug served like field headquarters for Hitler and his entourage from August 1939 untill Greece invasion in May 1941 by German and Italian forces.

It was then used when Hitler travelled between Berlin and other headquarters in Berchtesgaden, Munich, Bad Munstereifel, Berghof, Wolfsschanze near Ketryn, in Poland, and much more.

Il treno di Hitler

How it was made and wahat happened to Hitler's train?

After about 80 years mistery surrounds still the exact components of Hitler's traind and what happened to them.

Some details were revealed by travel documents compiled for the travel from the railway station Anhalter Bahnhof (the former Berlin central station) to Wolfsschanze, June 24, 1941. We know that that train was made of 17 elements.

What we know of the Fuhrersonderzug

Two locomotives BR53 class opened the convoy, then there were the Fuhrerwagen (Hitler's personal wagon, serial number 10206), the Begleitkommandowagen, for the accompanying Reichssicherheitsdienst (a special corp of SS used as Hitler's bodyguards), a Befehlswagen (command wagon), including a conference room and a communications center.

Then two dining wagons, a Badewagen (bathing wagon), two sleeping wagons for guests, two Flakwagen (armoured anti-aircraft train flatbed wagon), two baggage wagons, two sleeping wagons for personnel and a Presswagen, where to send and receive press statemens.

Il treno di Hitler bis

Wermacht destroyed Hitler's wagon

Whilst there are evidence that Wermarcht destroyed Hitler's personal wagon 10206 in 1945, we have no evidences regarding the fate of other wagons, that according to some exsperts may have been used till the late Sixties once readjusted to normal commercial use.

But there is no evidence regarding the true ending of wagons and locomotivs that constituted Hitler's special trein, which therefore remains a complete historic mystery.

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