Dead lake of Penza and UFOs

UFOs and the cold war in the history of the dead lake of Penza

The “dead lake” of Penza is one of the scaries location of Russia: perfectly round, it seems that it has been used during the cold war to bury overdue chemical munitions, by means of underwater explosions at a depth of 4-6 meters. But on the origins of the lake other voices circulate involving an UFO.

A dead lake because of chemical weapons

There is a creepy location in Russia and is not the Molebka's triangle, but the dead lake of Penza, near the remains of the toxic weapon desctruction facility of Leonidovka, by now disarmed, a closed and with no drainage lake, so currently it doesn't expose to danger nearby environment, also because the banks are strengthened with protective embankments and sandbags. But Penza's inhabitants tell different and much more disturbing story: the perfectly round shape of the lake would be due to the landing and following take-off of an alien UFO. chemical weapons

A night the sky set on fire

Witnesses interviewed by the local newspaper, the Penza Post, referred that in the '50s one night was heard a terrible noise and a blinding shine expanded from all directions. They thought to the explosion of the nearby military chemichal plant, but it was seen to come down from the sky above the forest an enormous spaceship, with incandescent throws from the inferior part. The forest caught fire and underlying earth transformed it in a strange mass of dust or ash.

A giant UFO landed and then took off

The giant flying saucer landed without any problems, while the time seemed to freeze. Nobody was seen to go out anybody of the mysterious object untill the spaceship, perfectly smooth, come back to eject what seemed to be throws of plasma from the inferior unloadings, quickly regaining altitude to then disappear in the dark sky.

Soviets interdicted the area

Many years Penza's inhabitants have gone to see the deep hole that was formed where the flying saucer was landed, perfectly round shaped and with absolutely smooth edges, which with the time began to be filled with water. Then the Soviet authorities began to send away the people, recommending to everybody not to visit the place anymore and not to speak of it, while started to circulate rumors regaring high levels of radioactivity in the area, perhpaps because of a nuclear engine used by the UFO. Dead Lake Penza

The dead lake it's almost out of reach

Storis regarding the dead lake of Penza are fed by the fact that it is almost impossible to reach the lake's shore: all the roads and the forest paths are covered by trees and bushes, while the banks of the road Penza-Zolotarevka are boarded up by military barriers. The lake has surely an artificial origin, btw officially it is not due to an UFO but to the extraction of peat in the first half of 20th century.

Those who went near felt fear

The aerial vision of the lake by Google Earth shows black water, without any traces of life. The few that succeeded in venturing through the forest surrounding the dead lake in these year reported to have experienced an “inexplicable and animal” fear, perceiving the proximity to a mysterious and worrying artificial object. Who knows if and when we will be able to get some official informations more regarding the story of this tenebrous dead lake.

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